Matthew 23:23 These things ye ought to have done and not left the other undone. Are you casting out of demons ? 

Jesus commands the believer to cast out demons , heal the sick and  preach in the streets. Will you listen to that command  ?   In the Bible, Jesus Christ says " Matthew 10 : 7  And as ye go, PREACH  saying. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. 8  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, CAST OUT DEMONS.

Mark 1:39
And He went into their synagogues
throughout all Galilee, preaching and casting out the demons. Synagogues were God"s House filled with God's Children (believers) and they all needed to have demons cast out. This Scripture proves that all Christians have demons and all of God's Children (believer's)  must cast out demons that are inside them in the outer part! You are make of three parts inner most part, inner part and outer part . Paul says you are made of three parts. The demons are in the outer part not the inner part because that's where the Holy Spirits is. You may not have been taught this , but it is in the Bible and  Jesus said do as I say!  You might say I don't have demons inside, but that is not what the Bible says! You will see you  have demons inside your outer part (soul and body) by  casting them out. Once you start casting them out they will react and prove they are there. The Bible says to PROVE  all things.   1 Thessalonians 5:21 KJV   . Ezekial 8 explains the temple (church) has three parts and it goes on to further explain the demons are inside the outer part of the temple and this Scripture says the Lord is upset they are inside the outer part of the temple (church) and wants them out. The Lord wants the people (believers) to obey him  and get rid of the demons by commanding them to leave in Jesus Name. You cannot ignore them and think, if you leave them alone,they will leave you alone. They are there to cause trouble ! Obey the Lord and cast them out of yourself!



Everyone has Demons

Deliverance, the casting out of demons is the Children's Break, this means it is for the Children of God. If the Bible says, it is for Believers as in Mark 16:17 then why would a Christian deny this and say it is not for them when the Bible says it is. The casting out of demons is not for non-believers! Study the Bible yourself in your home alone with the Lord alone with the Free Deliverance Manuals on this website. Please do not say casting out of demons isn't for you or you don't have demons inside whenthat is not true! The casting out of demons is not taught in the churches today, but is one third of Jesus Christ Ministry, what does that tell you ? Why would you want to leave it out of your walk with Christ? Alternatively, why would you deny casting demon our of you? Jesus wants you to be clean of demons , He does not want them to stay inside you! This is why you must cast them out of yourself.
If you have sinned and asked the Lord to forgive you, He has, but that does not mean the demons that came into you must leave automatically. Jesus said the way they come out is to cast them out in His name! You may not realize that when you or your ancestors sinned there was a biblical curse involved. A curse is a legal ground for demons to enter. You are God's House or Temple!
Paul the Apostle explains that Believers are made of three parts, body, soul and spirit. This means he is trying to tell you that you are a temple made of three parts.
Deuteronomy 7:26
Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house(you or your home) lest thou be a cursed thing like it.
If you have sinned, you receive a curse and demons have a legal ground to enterinside you. This Bible verse says Thine House and who would live outside a house? You live inside a house and so to the demons. The house or temple is you!

Ezekial 8

Explains the temple has three parts and the demons are inside the outer part of the temple and the Lord wants them out!

There are NO Scriptures that say YOU do NOT have demons. That should settle it!
When you are Born Again as a Christian/Believer/True Worshipper, JESUS/Holy Spirit comes to abide in your SPIRIT. Demons CANNOT get INTO your Spirit.
You are a triune being - BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT. Your SOUL is your MIND, WILL and EMOTIONS.
BODY - Christians can have a sickness/disease just like the unSaved. That's caused by demons (if not caused by other factors).
SOUL - Do you have a bad temper? That's a demon. Is there mental illness in your family background? That is a demon. Do you have trouble serving God? That's a demon. Do you have problems with bad thoughts? That is a demon(s) in your mind, will or emotions.
SPIRIT - Demons cannot get into your SPIRIT, but, the demons surround your SPIRIT like a glass jar surrounds its contents, and you have trouble serving the Lord JESUS. The contents of the jar cannot get out until you remove the lid (demons). Deliverance can get rid of the demons.

Deliverance is the casting out of demons using the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You can use the Name of Jesus Christ if He is your Lord and Saviour. You must also  study the King James Bible and obey what Jesus says.  The method of exorcism should not be used in casting out demons because material objects are used such as crosses and Holy Water to try to free the person from demons . The practice of exorcism is not scriptural. In the Bible  Mark 16: 17 says the Name of Jesus Christ frees a person from demons, therefore you do not need an object. By the power of God the demons will leave.

If you would like to become a Believer , accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, Ask God to forgive your sins, Repent of your sins. Study the King James Bible to learn how you should live.  Say   Father in the Name of Jesus Christ please Baptize me with the Holy Spirit.  Congratulations, you now have the authority to cast out demons!

What are demons?  They are disembodied spirits that obey Satan.  They are not fallen angels.  Mark 7: 21 adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts.... They are demons.   
Who has the authority to cast out demons? You! The Believer have the authority.  Mark 16:17 Jesus Christ gave all BELIEVERS the authority to cast out demons.  You don't have to go to anyone or anywhere to have demons cast out !  Prayer does not get rid of demons !  Don't let anyone pray over you for deliverance because their demons will transfer to you especially when they touch you.  Did you ever notice that after someone prays for you , you are doing something you have never done before ?  You may start having  the same problems that the person has that laid hands on you or prayed over you.  It's the Name of Jesus Christ that drives out demons !

Where are the demons?  In people, homes, land and objects.

Would you like help from being Depressed? Abused? Afraid?  Tormented?
Suicidal? Sick? Alcoholic? Addict? Obese? Homosexual (gay, lesbian)? Witch?
Satanist? Brotherhood? . Would you like to be cured of Cancer ?Want out of the occult or a cult? Hooked on porno? Dying?
Diseased? Molester? Self-Abuse? Bi-polar? Eating Disorder ? Flies or ghosts in your home ? Do things move, appear or disappear in your home ?  Hearing Voices ?  Schizophrenia? Autism ?  Anger ? Mental illness ? Financial or Relationship    Problems ? Speech Problems ? Religious Error ? Physical Infirmities (anything that  keeps  returning, such as colds), emotional problems ?    Deliverance is the answer! It takes time but works!  Get Saved, then cast out these demons

How do you get rid of the demons? Start with the Basic Deliverance Article and go from there.


M A R K  16:17 Jesus Christ gave you the Believer the authority to cast out demons ! You don't have to go to anyone ! There is not a special anointing or calling into the Deliverance Ministry. JESUS SAID "ALL CHRISTIANS CAN CAST OUT DEMONS, IN MY NAME. 
Everyone's house has demons inside including the land, do deliverance and you will soon find there are many demons there! Cast them out in the Name of Jesus Christ!                                              


Did you every wonder why or how hauntings exsit? Today there are many television shows about hauntings. The hauntings shows are misinforming the public about how to handle the haunting. They say houses are haunted by human spirits that are earth bound which is not what the Bible proclaims! Hauntings are real and the houses are haunted by spirits(demons) who can attack . A haunting cannot be ignored. The demons that cause a haunting must be cast out in Jesus name! Many people look for help because of Paranormal
Activity (Paranormal Activity is caused by demons not "human ghosts" ) A Paranormal Investigation by a Paranormal Society or Paranormal Investigator is not helpful because they never have the correct method of getting rid of the demon, which some people think is a human ghost.

Barns and Noble
Hauntings Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself

Hauntings Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself
Author  Helena V. Garilano

Schizophrenia  Author Helena V Garilano , on amazon!

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO MAKE YOUR OWN DELIVERANCE WEBSITE. You may make copies of the articles and Deliverance Manuals to put on your website and make it free for everyone to copy and use. I use VodaHost for this website which is very inexpensive. There is also a community forum so you can ask a question and learn from others.

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Barnes and Noble
Sample of my book Hauntings Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself Author Helena V. Garilano

Sold On Amazon for Kindle! You can get a free Kindle app on amazon!

There will not be a dedication to a person. All Glory is for God!
The Lord is no respecter of persons!
Isaiah 42:8- I am the Lord: that i smy name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.
Philippians 2: 9-11 - Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name, which is above every name.
You will learn things you have never heard before!
Do not call the psychics or paranormal investigators for any reason because you will make matters worse!
Some questions that wil be answered:
Why can't ghost hunters or paranormal investigators help you end a haunting? Why don't psychics use the name of Jesus Christ? Should you contact or talk to the dead? How do you put an end to a haunting? Do you need an exorcist?
Will using blessed salt or sage protect you? Are haunted house tours dangerous? Did you know that if you enter a haunted house or go near one the spirits could follow you home and cause havoc you would never dream of? You will not have to live with spirits in your home anymore!
Ecclesiastes 12:7,"then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it."
I had to give this Scripture its own page! It explains precisely what happens to our spirit when we die! We go back to God. We do not have a choice or the power to stay here and become earthbound. Choosing to stay here and become earthbound is not in the Bible! Hauntings are real and spirits exist, but what appears to be a  human spirit is not someone that once lived here! It is not your imagination, nor can anything cause this to happen. You are seeing a spirit that has power to move things and talk. Once you take your last breath, your business on earth is finished. This is why you must learn about Chirst now, by studying the King James Bible. Going to a church on Sunday is not in the Bible. You can gather at home with family members. Keep your money because it is a blessing from God. There is no requirement in the Bible that says to give money to a church. You must also cast out demons that are inside you. If you can believe this and I hope you do, you are on the way to a much healthier and prosperous life with Jesus Christ!

I cover this book with the Blood of Jesus Christ; bind all demons that are attacking this work of the Lord and command you to leave now, in the Name of Jesus Christ!
Table of Contents: Chapter 1, Let's Pray, 2. My Story, 3 What do do before you purchase a house, 4 All about ghost, 5 Who the ghost are, 6 How do you know your house is haunted,7 What you should not do to get rid of the spirits, 8 Why your house is haunted,9 How demons attack,10 Haunted Land, 11 Demons dwell inside everyone including Christians,12 How and why demons are inside you,13 How to cast out demons,14 Why some demons don't leave right away,15 A house and land Deliverance,16 Self Deliverance,17 Are you supposed to celebrate holidays,18 What the church is supposed to be doing,19 Scripture about demons,20 Scripture to use during house,land and self-deliverance.
This book will explain why hauntings happen and how to put an end to it! I hope there will be a copy of this book in each household so people will not fear our enemy, the Devil and his demons! May the Lord bless you with a good clean Christian home, in Jesus Name! Please read every part of this book so you will understand how timportant it is for everyone to have this information! This book has vital information about hauntings and will prove everything in this book. I will give you your money's worth with quality information that I have researched in depth, used myself, and has worked with time and patience for me. I will not refer you to another book to purchase. . All the information in this book is from my own experience,research and The Bible. The money making television shows about hauntings are very addicting and do not show you how to expel spirits the correct way. As a result, people have to leave their haunted home because the help they get does not put an end to their haunting. The people who leave haunted homes are losing their hard-earned savings and that should not have to happen. In addition,most haunting books are about the author's story and does not offer help with your haunting,which does not help you solve your problem. This book will teach you how to get rid of those hateful spirits. Keep in mind the spirits do not want to leave!Therefore,they must do something to prevent you from doing Deliverance(expel demons)! You do not have to share your home with demons that think they can take it away from you or thinks that it is theirs,because it is not! I will help you get the home that you paid for back! You will have peace in Jesus Name! The King James Bible has help for hauntings;in fact,it is helpful in all matters.
Chapter One: Let us pray
John 16:23
23 and in that day ye shall ask me nothing,Verily, verily,I say unto you ,whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name,He will give it to you.

Under Construction!!!