Blood Pacts
A person takes a piece of paper, scratches his finger until it bleeds, and then signs himself over to the Devil.
Satan Worship
I regret the fact that other Christian theologians show little interest in the study of Satanic movements. Many seek an alternative in the study of psychoanalysis and psychiatry and even spiritism, studies which sadly are widespread in every country, near and far, today. (Churches send their people to the world for mental problems rather than to God.)
In the Bible and in the history of religions, Satan worship is often identified with the snake cult. The snake was called Nehustan, and was used by the Israelites some four to five hundred years after the time of Moses for magic and idolatry. It has been said of the Knights Templar that they were the founders of a regular Church of Satan. In the circles of the Templars, the black mass was celebrated. On the altar they had a naked woman. They mixed the communion wine with the blood of a slaughtered child. This included sorcery, ungodliness, plundering churches, desecrating the sacraments and crucifixes, shedding innocent blood, killing, sexual orgies, and occult arts. Druids were highly renowned for their knowledge of astronomy; they practiced human and animal sacrifice in order to reconcile sinful man to God.
Halloween was a sacred day.
In Nigeria there is the cobra cult. The members have to sign themselves over to the Devil, and then they receive power over all snakes, not just one sort. Christians handling snakes are merely the expression of a religious fanaticism and a false interpretation of the Bible. This includes, upside down cross, spiritism, occult, Satanic cults, and magic.
Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses
The sorcerers of the middle ages only chose Moses as their patron saint, because he outdid the ancient Egyptian sorcerers by the power of God. This includes magic spells, and how to kill small animals by magical power.