Zen (Hindu), Hare Krishna, Moonies, Jehovah's Witness,
Spiritualist, Medium, Satanist, Witch, New Ager, Cultist,
Witch Doctor, Satanic High Priest, Psychic, Sorcerer,
Spiritism, Psychic Power, Exorcism, Superstition,
Prostitute, Psychic Channeler, Sorcery, Hypnotism,
Astrologer, Fortune Teller, Palm Reader, White Witch,
Reincarnation, Gurus, Inner Visions, Mystic Auras, Astral
Travel, Witchcraft Coven, Para-Science, Magician,
Clairvoyant, Exorcist, Astrological Psychology, Seers,
Soothsayer, Palmistry, Phrenology, Telephathy, Mystical
Charm, Talisman, Shaman (Priest Doctor), Psychic Church,
Reincarnation, Power of Death, Satanic Signs and Marvels,
Angels of Darkness
Magic, Witchcraft, Seances, Black Magic, White Magic, Black
Mass, Paganism, Magical Shield, Astrology, Occult,
Palmistry, Demon Lyrics, Satanic Power, Eastern Religion,
Dark Arts, Occultism, Spiritualism, Witchcraft Powers,
Demonic Guidance, Zombies, Psychic Gifts, Psychic Phenomena,
Spiritual Slavery, Heavy Metal Rock Music: Party Metal -
Recreational Sex, Chemical Abuse; Thrash Metal - Violence,
Death; Black Metal - Sacrilege, Blood Rites, Blasphemy,
Black Magic, Demonic Adoration
Gods / Goddesses
Old spirits, Old Hawaiian, Peel (Volcano), Buddha, Mystic
God Kings, Allah (Islam), Mayan Aztec, Toltec, Apollo, Zeus,
Ashtar, Ashoreth, Ashtoreh, Istar, Astar
Terror, Superstition, Confusion, Anger, Depression,
Retaliation, Lying, Deception, Fear, Doubt, Self Doubt,
Insecurity, Worry, Greed, Despair, Intense Hatred,
Viciousness, Violence, Loneliness, Emptiness, Pride,
Stubbornness, Horror, Destruction, Ego, Delusions of
Grandeur, Deep Blood Lust, Selfishness, Deep Hurt, Pain,
Sorrow, Oppression, Death, Ancient Power, Deception, Sexual
Perversions, Coldness, No Mercy, No Remorse, Lust,
Addictions, Death, Low Self Esteem, Mind Control, Familiar
Spirits, Rebellion, Unbelief, Delusion, Selfishness,
Seduction, Suicide, Incest, Occult Study, Transcendental
Meditation, Demonic Rituals, Necrophilia (Sex with Corpses),
Torture, Eastern Meditation, Chanting Prayers, Astral
Accounting, Conjuring up Ghosts, Ritual Murder, Altered
State of Consciousness, Sexual Perversion, Obscene Orgies,
Blood Brothers, Horror
Forefathers, Prosperity, Flaming Darts,
Devils, Spirits, Saints, Roman Catholic, Satan, Native
Religions, Krishna, Ancient Idols, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen
Chanting Spells, Ancient Rituals, Deep Trance, Demonic Sing
Song, Child Sacrifice, Human Sacrifice, Animal Ritual
Mutilation, Drinking Blood of Animals, Child Molestation,
Fortune Telling, Demonic Healing, Necromancy, Transfer of
Spirits, Hexing, Sexual Intimidation, Unquenchable Revenge,
Homosexual Molestation, Carnally Minded, Saying Lord's
Prayer Backwards, Burning Incense, Smoking Pot, Barking Like
Dogs, Rape, Perversion, Satanic Ritual Sex, Ritual Abuse of
Children, Pornographic Exploitation, Physical Mutilation,
Ceremonial Murder, Ritual Sacrifice, Channelizaton,
Witchcraft, Murder, Torture, Sell Your Soul, Pray to the
Devil, Perform Magic, Conjure Lust, Destruction of Enemies,
Seduction, Satanic Pregnancy Ritual, Mystical Meditation,
Unlock Secrets of the Mind, Magical Incantations, Robbing
Graves, Killing Their Children, Rape of Daughters and Wives,
Blood Rituals, Death Pacts, Chanting Incantation, Blasphemy,
Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Drugs, Liquor, Cocaine,
Marijuana, Uppers, Downers, Wine, Rum, Black Candles,
Strange Incense, Paraphernalia, Broken Cross, Black Book,
Dungeons and Dragons, Satanic Bibles, Ouija Board, Role
Playing Games, Horoscope, Smurfs, Occult Books, Charms,
Voodoo Pendants, Devil Images, Pornography, Books On
Supernatural, Idols, Mexican Figurines, Aztec Demon Gods,
Buddha Lamps, Satanic Symbols, Alcohol, Magic Herbs, Roots
and Portions, Shrines to Demons, Amulets, Mystical Mottoes,
Pickled Remains of Unborn Babies, Meditation Tapes,
Crystals, Books and Videos, Phallic Images
Deliverance From Witchcraft And Occult Symbols!
Witchcraft, Voodoo, Occult, Curses, Superstitions, Hoodoo,
Root Working, Love / Lust Magic, Black Magic, Conjuring,
Spiritual Baths, Spiritual Anointing, Special Prayers, Seal
of Moses, Burning Candles, Casting A Spell, Breaking A
Curse, Attraction Oil, Mind Control, False Love, Lust,
Binding Emotions, Lover's Oil, Tying Up Sex / Nature,
Sorcery, Aphrodisiacs, Lover's Powder, Witch's Ball Charm,
Bondage, Binding Curse, Curse To The Seventh Satanic Power,
Incantations, Jinx Your Lover, Seven Knots Spells, Seven Day
Candles, Master of Love, Chicken Charm, Magic, Control,
Demonic Soap, Hands That Shed Innocent Blood, Heart That
Deviseth Wicked Imaginations, Feet That Be Swift Running To
Mischief, A False Witness That Speaketh Lies, He That Soweth
Discord Among Brethren, A Proud Look, and Spirits Of A Lying
Personal Sin Doorways
Astral Projection, Astrology, Blood Pacts, Channeling,
Clairvoyance, Cursing Parents, Divination, Dowsing, Dungeons " Dragons, E.S.P., Eckankar, EST (The Forum), Fetishism,
Fortune Telling, Gurdjieff, Homeopathy, Homosexuality,
Hypnotism, Incubi or Succubi (Sexual Spirits), I.U.D. (Women
Only), Kabalah, Martial Arts, Levitation (Table Tipping),
Materialization, New Age, Occult Books, Ouija Board, Pacts
With Satan, Palm Reading, Pornography, Psychic Healing,
Psychic Surgery, Rosicrucians, Sado-Masochism, Satanism,
Seances, Silva Mind Control, Swedenborg, Tarot Cards,
Telepathy, Witchcraft, Transcendental Meditation (TM), White
or Black Magick, Voodoo (or Santeria, Camdoble, Palo
Cults and Aberrant Religious Groups
Anthroposophy (Waldorf Schools), Bahai, Buddhism, Children
of God (Family of Love), Christian Science, Freemasonry,
Church Universal and Triumphant (Summit Lighthouse),
Hinduism, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Hari Krishna (ISKCON), I
AM Movement, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Liberal Theology,
Liberal Catholic Church, Lodges (miscellaneous bloodless
religions), Mormonism, People's Temple, Process Church,
Rastafarianism, Roman Catholicism, Scientology,
Spiritualism, Tara Center, Theosophical Society, Unification
Church (Moonies), Unitarian Universalists, Unity, Way
International, Wicca, Worldwide Church of God, Other Cults
Ex-Mormon (Latter-day Saint)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Book of Mormon,
Joseph Smith, Baptismal Covenants, Priesthood Blessings,
Temple Oaths and Covenants and Temple Marriage, Melchizedek
and Aaronic Priesthoods, Patriarchal Blessing, Mormo,
Moroni, Spirit of Priestcraft, Spirit of Bishopric, Perverse
Spirit, Lying Spirit, Spirit of Error, Seducing Spirit,
Spirit of Whoredoms
Ex-Jehovah's Witness
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Governing Body of the
Watchtower, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures,
Baptism, Arian Jehovah-God, Denying Resurrection, Denying
Deity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Perverse Spirit,
Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Horus), Lying Spirit, Spirit of Error,
Seducing Spirit
Ex-Christian Scientist
Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health,
Pride, Key to the Scriptures, Denying God's Creation,
Denying the Deity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,
Occult Healing, Hermes, Spirit of Divination, Perverse
Spirit, Lying Spirit, Spirit of Error, Familiar Spirit,
Spirit of Double-mindedness, Confusion, Spirit of Divination
Masonic Lodge, Blood Oaths and Covenants, Shriners, Temple
Oaths, Melchizedek Priesthood, Masonic Communion, Scottish
and York Rites, Worshipful Master, Masonic Initiations,
Initiatic Ties, Baal, Jah-bal-on, York Rite Royal Arch,
Tubalcain, Baphomet, Knights Templar, Perverse Spirit,
Dagon, Set, Molech, Lilith, Spirit of Priestcraft, Spirit of
Error, Seducing Spirit
Ex-Spiritist or New Age Devotee
Spiritism, New Age Group, Medium, Channeler, Guru, Urantia
Book, OAHSPE, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dictations,
Denying Deity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Pride,
Occult Power, Converse With Dead, Initiatic Ties, Hermes,
Pythoness, Spirit of Divination, The Light, Perverse Spirit,
Lying Spirit, Spirit of Error, Familiar Spirit, Spirit of
Ex-Wiccan (White Witch)
Wicca, Goddess Worship, High Priestess / Priest, Book of
Shadows, Denying Deity of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit,
Pride, Occult Power, Converse With The Dead, Initiatic Ties,
Ungodly Ties, Illegal Drugs, Diana, Ardia, Hecate, Herne,
Cernunnos, Pan, Goddess, Horned God, Pythonness, Spirit of
Divination, Hermes, Perverse Spirit, Familiar Spirit, Spirit
of Divination
Ex-Satanist (Black Witch or Setian)
Satanism, High Priestess / Priest, Pride, Satanic Bible,
Book of the Law, Necronomicon, Book of the Coming Forth by
Night, Denying the Deity of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit,
Occult Power, Dedications, Covenants, Contracts, Commissions
or Pacts with the Devil, Initiatic Ties, Ungodly Ties,
Illegal Drugs, Abortions, Infant, Child or Adult Sacrifices,
Sex Rites With Demons, Lucifer, Belial, Satan, Leviathan,
Lilith, Molech, Kali, Incubus or Succubus Spirits, Legion,
Deaf and Dumb Spirit, Pythoness, Spirit of Divination,
Hermes, Perverse Spirit, Familiar Spirit, Seducing Spirit,
Spirit of Bondage, Spirit of Anti-christ, Spirit of Fear,
Spirit of Divination, Secret Occult or Demonic Names, Occult
or Satanic Books or Artifacts, Astral Projection, Triggers
Common Demon Bondage Between Various Cults
As you can see from the above lists, there are many things
in common with the cults. Each cult has it own distinctions.
You can see the familiar handprint of Satan. There is also a
parallel between Mormonism, Masonry and Magick.
Perverse Spirit, Lying Spirit, Spirit of Error, Seducing
Spirit, Denying the Deity of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit,
Spirit of Divination, Initiatic Ties, Pride, Hermes,
Pythoness, Occult Power, Agreements
Occult Practices
Fortune Telling, Ouija Board, Cards, Good Luck Charms,
Seances, Edgar Cayce, Jeanne Dixon, Mind Control,
Witchcraft, Four-leaf Clover, Rabbit Foot, Wishbone, ESP,
Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis, Incense,
Pendulum, Palm Reading, Automatic Handwriting, Pierced Ears,
Horoscopes, Signs of the Zodiac, Voodoo, Magic, Levitation,
Water Witching, Tea Leaf Reading, Secret Organizations and
Lodges, Eight Ball, Smoking and Chewing, Tobacco, Dipping
Snuff, Drinking Alcoholic Beverages, Kabala, Handwriting
Analysis, Strychnine, Arsenic, Gene / Chromosome Damage,
Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings, Sorcery, Drug /
Pharmakia, LSD, Rubik's Cube, Clairvoyance, Telepathy,
Parapsychology, Enchantments, Potions, Ankh, Peace Sign,
Star of David, Five Pointed Star, Artifacts, Tatoos, Owls
and Frogs, Snakes, Self Realization, Deja-Vu, Martial Arts,
Buddhism-Zen, Hinduism, Taoism, Yin and Yang, Confucianism,
Acupuncture, Hare Krishna, Bingo Gambling, Playing Cards,
Gambling, Reincarnation, Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery,
Divining, Psychocybernetics, Mind Over Matter, UFO, Trances,
Dolls, Idolatry, Psychometry, Psychic Predictions,
Clairaudience, Second Sight, Auras, Metaphysics, Mental
Science, Visions, Superstition, Fetishes, Runes, Amulets,
Talismans, Satanism, Indian Witchcraft, Sun or Moon Worship,
Spiritual Healing, Italian Horn, Indian Religions, War
Paint, Maize Fertility, Christian Science, Omens, Karma,
Healing Mediums, Hex Signs, Jesus Rock " Roll, Poltergeists,
Irish Witchcraft, Gypsy Science, Rappings, Conjuration,
Haunted Houses, Fantasy, TV, Shows Like Merlin, Walt Disney
Rosemary's Baby, Fiction, Tolkien, Incantation
Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism,
Theosophy, Unity, Mormonism, Unitarians, Bahai,
Spiritualism, Scientology, Swedenborgianism,
Christodelphianism, Inner Peace Movement, Spiritualism,
Urantia, Islam, Eckankar, Moonies, The Way, Subud, Latihan,
Association for Research and Development, Spiritual
Frontiers Fellowship, Religious Research Foundation of
America, All groups denying existence of Heaven or Hell, the
Catholic Church, and Paganism. All religions using the Bible
but denying or omitting the Divinity of Christ and the
Atonement of His Precious Blood.
Related Demons
Pornography, Blood Transfusions, Seduction, Rebellion,
Country Music, White / Black Magic, White / Black
Witchcraft, Astrology, Signs of Zodiac, Self-Help Programs,
Self Hypnosis, Principalities, Powers, Authorities,
Kingdoms, Rulers, Strongman, Strongholds, Imaginations, High
Things, Disobedience, Occult, Soul Ties, Valium, Serex,
Phenobarbital, Anesthesias, Fantasy, Lust, Bankruptcy,
Poorness, Lack, Loss, Need, Greed, Covetousness,
Counterfeit, Disco Lights, Nimrod, Scouting, Ritualism,
Symbolism, Demonology, Death and Hell, Love Potions, Lotus,
Oral Sex, Confusion, Forgetfulness, Poverty, Failure,
Serpents, Scorpions, Dirtiness, Orneriness, Divorce,
Halloween, Ghosts, Jack-0-Lanterns, Goblins, Barrenness,
Sterility, Diseases, Mind Occult, Foul and Evil Spirits
Demon Associated With Different Organizations
Education - parapsychology, Dungeons and Dragons, folklore,
mythology. Entertainment - rock music, lewd or occult movies
or TV. Lodges - origins in witchcraft -
Masons, Demolay, Eastern Star, Jobs Daughters. Religions -
Protestant, Catholic, Cults (World Council of Churches).
Recreations - games with demonic influence. Travel - soul
travel, astral projection. Home Life - mind control, Jezebel
and Ahab. Business - witchcraft promises promotions,
forecasts based on astrology readings, sales power (soul
power) pyramid power. Law Enforcement - using psychics and
hypnosis. Psychiatry - almost 100% using some form of
witchcraft. Medicine - Hippocratic oath, sorcery,
tranquilizers, pain pills.
Charismatic Witchcraft
Rejection by Christian brothers, sisters, pastors.
Rejection by husband, wife, mother, father, children.
Rejection between deliverance workers, pastors.
Rejection in womb, of self, of others.
Rejection of deliverance and all groups involved in
deliverance ministry.
Hurts and deep hurts by Christians.
Touch me not, inability to give or receive love, conception
in lust.
False doctrine, hearsay.
False preachers, teachers, evangelists, prophets, apostles.
False tongues, prophecy, interpretation, demonic gifts.
False religions, religious cults, eastern religions.
False love, sweetness, sentimentality.
False positive thinking, metaphysical faith, soulish faith.
False charismatic movement, false partial gospel .
False shaking, quaking, crying, putting on a show.
False cooperating, discipleship.
False prosperity ,love of money, think and grow rich, money
by faith.
Charismatic witchcraft, witches, warlocks.
Domination, control, manipulation, dictatorial.
Mind control, blanking, blocking, binding, confusion.
Witchcraft, occult, antichrist, familiar spirits,
Jezebel, Ahab, passivity, destruction of family priesthood,
luke warmness.
Commanding angels for riches, imaging, visualization.
Greed, covetousness, mammon.
Financial poverty of workers, pastors, churches, camps.
A different gospel, another Jesus.
Apostate religion, almost fooling the very elect.
Spirit of error, spirit of the world,, aborted spirit.
Soul ties and curses from control.
Ruler demons over workers, pastors, families, churches,
Despondency, despair, defeat, hopelessness, morbidity.
Strife, contention, bickering, quarreling among brethren.
Inability to work with other Christians.
Denominational spirits, separation, infighting.
Spiritual pride, ego, vanity, pre-eminence, haughtiness.
Self idolatry, we are gods, worship of man, fear of man.
Mormonism, Jehovah Witnessism, bloodless religions.
Catholicism, occult, Masonry, religious demons.
Evil eye, third eye, Masonic eye, all seeing eye.
Christian fantasy, falseness, false love.
Playacting, theatrics, affectation, pretension.
Hypocrisy, lying, deceit, deception, delusion, compromise.
Caterories of Demons
General Catholic Demons, Benediction Services, False
Religious Rites, Unction, Mass, Parts of the Mass, Sacred
and Ritualistic Articles, Holy Days, Allegiance to Pope,
False Religion, Religious Orders and Patron Saints.
Forbidden Practices in Bible
Enchantments, Witchcraft, Soothsaying, Magic, Sorcery,
Divination, Wizardry, Necromancy, Charming, Observer of
Times, Astrology, Idolatry, Sacrificed to Devils, Worship of
Devils, Star Gazers, False Prophets, Rod Became a Serpent,
Wise Men, Chaldeans, Curious Arts, Graven Images, Pass Thru
the Fire, Dreamer, Doctrines of Devils, Unfruitful Works of
Darkness, Heeding Seducing Spirits, Ate Sacrifices of the
Dead, Sold Themselves to Do Evil, Forbidden practices in the
Bible cover occult practices in general; other types of
occult practices come from these.
Fortune Telling
Palm Reading, Crystal Ball, Cards, Tea Leaves, Handwriting
Analysis, Ouija Boards, ESP, Telepathy, Kabala, Horoscope,
Voodoo, Pendulums, Astrology, Fortune Telling, Star Gazing,
Clairvoyance, Clairaudience. Anything that predicts your
future or advises your life.
Magic Practices and Spiritism
Mediums, Seances, Second Sight, Levitation, Necromancy,
Spirit Guides, Auras, Hypnosis, Mental Science, Water
Witching, Dowsing, Superstition, ESP, Psychokinesis,
Telepathy, Divining, White Magic, Table Tipping,
Metaphysics, Trances, Runes, Self Realization, Visions,
Black Magic, Medals, Witchcraft, Good Luck, Fetishes,
Incantations, Charms, Talismans, Mascots, Apport, Amulets,
Birth Signs, Spells, Wart Charming, Ankh, Sorcery, Curses,
Psychic Powers, Potions, Automatic Writing, Poltergeists,
Acupuncture, Burn Charming, Pendulum Diagnosis, Yin-Yang,
Ghosts, Trance Diagnosis, Birth Stones, Metaphysical
Healing. Clairvoyance, Coloradans, Psychic Powers,
Apparitions, Powwow, Spiritualism, Christian Science
Healing. All books, literature, music, etc. dealing with
Occult In General
Ruler of Witchcraft, Death by Hypnosis, God's Eye, Karate,
Martial Arts, Third Eye, Judo, Kung Fu, Snake, Mongoose,
Cat, Cobra, Lust for Dominance, Swan, Lust for Power,
Spider, Open Doors, Rappings on Wall, Foundation, Black
Mass, Satan Worship, Multiplied Curses, Jezebel, Ahab,
Female Dominance, Yielding Male, Evil Eye, Occult Fears,
Black Arts, Luv Knot, Devil's Foot, Indian Kachina,
Conjuration, Occult Symbols, Serpent Charmer, Omens,
Prognostication, Pass Thru The Fire, Augur, Rebellion,
Stubbornness, Parapsychology, Yoga, Hearing Noises, Psychic
Portraits, Macabre, Phrenology, Numerology, Great Seal,
Alchemy, Calling Evil Spirits, Baptism in Witchcraft
Names of Satan and His Demons
Fallen Angel, Authorities, Whoredoms, Charmer, Ruler of
World, Evil Practices, Death, Thief, Evil Supernaturalism,
Devils, Wickedness, Hindrance, Divination, Lucifer,
Betraying, Enchantment, King of Babylon, Denying, Familiar,
King of Tyre, Vipers, Giants, Chief Kings, Gehenna,
Leviathan, Chief Princes, Tarsus, Magic, Kings, Children of
Devil, Necromancy, Princes, Fever, Satan, Kingdoms,
Dumbness, Serpent, Principalities, Blindness, Evil, Unclean
Spirits, Dominions, Infirmities, Witch, Powers, False
Prophets, Wizard, Prince of Southern Curses, Thorn in the
Flesh, Anakim, Hymaneus, Avim, Generals, Alexander, Emim,
Legions, Self Control, Horim, Rulers, Corruption, Nephilim,
Captains, Ananias and Sapphira, Rephaim, Chief Captains,
Covetousness, Zamzummim, Chief Rulers, Elymas, Antichrist,
Centurion, Jezebel, Strongman, False Apostles, Belial, Imps,
False Gospel, Darkness, Pain, Nicolaitans, Demons,
Affliction, Pergamos, Lion, Interference, Conformance,
Sorcery, Deceiving, Oppression, Tempter, Nimrod, Python,
Accusation, Tower of Babel, Unbelief, Adversary, Sodomy,
Fear of Death, Great Red Dragon, Idolatry, Spirit of
Bondage, Enemy, Balaam, Spirit of World, God of Age,
Disobedience, Fear and Cowardice, Liar, Mediums, Slumber,
Lies, Shedim, Strange Gods, Murder, Seirim, Soul Power,
Slander, Jealousy, Rage, Mockery, Beast, Babylon, Carnality,
Son of Morning, Apollyon, Destroyer, Prince of Devils, World
Rulers, Teachings, Rebellion, Hatred, Anger, Ugliness,
Dread, Rage, False Religion, Rejection, Curses, Depravity,
Incest, Worship of Stars, Bondage, Slavery, Licentiousness,
Lasciviousness, Orgies, Fury, Violence, Resentment, Wicked
Spirits in High Places, Host of Hell, Illegitimate Birth,
Ahab, Host of Heaven