In our years of DELIVERANCE, the most effective weapon we have ever used or found against demons, to kick them out of their house (the Christian, human body) is THE BOX.

Some ministries won't use any method for Deliverance if it is not in the Bible. That is a real shame. We use any weapon that we know works. THE BOX is of God because it does work. The demons know what THE BOX is, and they don't want to be put in it.
Don't look for THE BOX. It is a Spiritual thing - invisible to us. Anointing oil represents the Holy Spirit. THE BOX represents confinement for the demons.
Most demons leave immediately when you command them OUT, in the name of Jesus. Some are stubborn, and it could take hours to get them OUT. Some never come out, and nobody can tell you why. Jesus spoke to demons (remember Legion?), so it is okay for us to talk to demons during a DELIVERANCE session. Don't make a habit out of it though. When you get a stubborn demon, ask him why he will not leave. Many times he will tell you he has legal rights, and does not have to leave. Sometimes he will tell you what that legal right is. This makes it easier to evict him.
Then you have the really stubborn demons who just will not budge, and may not even talk. It is with this kind that I say, "Do you want to go in THE BOX?" In most cases, the demon will say NO, or he will shake the person's head back and forth, meaning NO.
Here is a typical setting for this kind of demon.
If you don't want to go in THE BOX, then I command you to leave now, in the name of Jesus. Most of the time they do.
I am going to count to ten, then I am going to put you in THE BOX.
One, two, three, four...... They usually wait till you get to ten, then go.
Sometimes they will tell you to PUT ME IN THE BOX. Here is what I say.
Father, in the name of Jesus, I put this demon in THE BOX. I tie that box up with iron chains and fetters. I fill that box with the Blood of Jesus. I ask for two angels to go into THE BOX to read you the Word of God day and night, night and day. You will get no peace and no rest. I fill that box with the Glory of God to blind you. I put a gag in your mouth so you cannot communicate with any other demons or the devil himself. Then I say
Do you like it in there? Most of the time they say NO.
Are you ready to leave now? Most of the time they say YES, and I command them to leave the person, in the name of Jesus.
Sometimes you get a really tough one who defiantly says he is still not going to leave. On this kind, I also say
In the name of Jesus, I shrink THE BOX to fit like a body glove. I ask you, Lord, to boil the Blood in THE BOX.
I give him one more chance to leave the person. If he refuses, I say
I am going to leave you in THE BOX until you beg to come out.
One time we spent four hours trying to get ONE demon OUT. We followed the above, and in two weeks, the demon did, in fact, beg to be cast OUT.
The natural mind cannot understand these spiritual things. How can Jesus live INSIDE of us? He does. How can demons live INSIDE of us? They do. How can an invisible BOX trap demons? It does.