Ghosts are demons- Once you believe this you may break legal grounds then cast out demons if you are a Christian. If you are not a Christian you can become one now. Mark 16:17

Ecclesiastes 12:7
Then shall the dust will return to the earth as it was,And the spirit will return to God who gave it.

This Scripture proves we return to God and cannot remain on earth.
The spirits you are seeing are demons who take the form of humans to deceive you.

Demons have a legal ground to be in your home. A sin committed by someone gave the demons permission to be there.

Some Legal Grounds
Ouija board
Rituals done on the property (break and return)

Study the King James Bible. You must be a Christian to cast out demons.

Get rid of  all statues and dolls or anything in the house that may give demons a legal ground to haunt your house. Something can be hidden in the house or outside on the property

Forgive anyone that has lived in the home. Break all legal grounds in Jesus Christ Name.
Say I break all biblical legal grounds that demons have to be in this house because of _______
Ouija board etc..

Then cast out demons in the Name of Jesus Christ until they leave. It takes time and eventually they will leave.

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