GENERAL - Gene and I have come to believe that a lot of delinquency is the result of homes out of divine order. Neglect or hate for the children and abuse of children hardens their hearts and leaves a child unable to enter society and fulfill his divine purpose.
When people are hurt and do not completely forgive, they let Satan's demons minister to them, and build a demonic personality in their mind and body. This personality is not normal and it usually is not pleasant.
It is healing to the body and mind to completely forgive - holding nothing back. When you have nothing against others, the next step is to forgive yourself completely.
Then with obedience to the Biblical principles, you can build a healthy mind. It will not be easy but it will be the most exciting thing you will ever do. One common ingredient in all delinquent personalities is the almost total lack of Godly principles.
What is the root cause of most personality problems? In the people we have worked with, it has originated with a very serious rejection. The ultimate rejection is the murder of the unborn. An attempted abortion which failed or at nine months of the parents wishing you would die before or at birth. You may think these things do not effect people but they do. As a result of not being wanted, a person will spend a life time trying every means he can think of to get people to accept him. If he cannot get a feeling of acceptance, he will become increasingly more removed from normalcy. Becoming more bitter, he will eventually rebel against all authority.
Children, who are betrayed through abuse, can hardly trust anyone - even God. They cannot comprehend true love, therefore they cannot accept nor comprehend the love of Jesus. Cannot understand abiding help, therefore they cannot understand the work of the Holy Spirit. God does not promise a life without pain or loss but He shows us how to respond to all parts of our life. Read Hebrews 12 and don't neglect to read the last half.
Most crimes against people and property are committed by people suffering from manias. Theft, arson, rape, assault, murder are some of the acts that neurotics commit. Some crimes are committed by retarded people.
Professional criminals usually have rejected all or part of social ethics. These are usually burglars, robbers, confidence men, racketeers, gangsters and killers. Sometimes they desire to be caught and punished because this relieves repressed guilt feelings. Those criminals who feel no guilt or remorse over their acts are psychopathic personalities and will be discussed later.
Today we'll study psychotic behavior. As you will see in many cases, the same problem exists as in neuroses but to a greater degree.
In society, consistent, serious and inappropriate disobedience of the written and unwritten laws is considered a sign of abnormal behavior. II Tim. 3:1-5 lists abnormal behavior from God's point of view.
ORGANIC PSYCHOSIS - There are many causes of organic psychosis: inborn brain defects, brain infections, intoxication, head injuries, circulation disorders, seizures, bodily changes of growth and aging, tumors or cancers, and unknown physical causes. Each of these conditions can alter behavior so severely that it appears irrational and prevents adjustments. God can heal any of these disorders.
General Paresis is due to syphilitic damage to the brain; it causes indifference to neatness, punctuality and normal interests. Person becomes irritable or overly sentimental. Efficiency, memory, energy and intellect declines. Speech becomes slurred. If not treated, degeneration ends in death.
Alcoholic and Drug Reactions - Alcohol and drugs are used to relieve anxiety and guilt feelings, and to suppress hurtful emotions. Alcohol and drugs relieve the tensions by depressing the nervous system starting in the brain; behavior is regressive. The more drugs or drinks taken, the more immature the person becomes.
Alcohol and drugs do nothing to solve problems. At the drunken stage, he is psychotic. Without salvation and deliverance, the alcoholic has little hope of cure. His descent is continually downward until death takes him.
PSYCHOTIC BEHAVIOR - Psychotic behavior may be thought of as a last ditch effort of the mind to deal with the anxiety aroused by emotion or mental (psychic) shocks. A psychotic can not deal with anxiety and his symptoms serve to help him escape the shock.
If a person accepts this behavioral pattern, finds comfort in it and has no desire to change somewhere along the way, a demon can come in. Then he feels he can not change and usually will not cooperate with those who would help.
Psychotic depression is expressed three ways: emotionally, physically and intellectually.
Emotionally - A severely depressed person feels overwhelmingly sad, hopeless, worthless and helpless. They also have fears of catastrophe, complete discouragement and will give up in the face of problems. Physically - They may claim physical problems they don't really have (hypochondriac). Intellectually - They will try to make it look like they are unable to learn. They will choose to live on a level below their abilities.
In middle age people are sometimes shocked by the realization that they are mortal, have less energy and sometimes illness. They have regrets for past failures and a wasted life with fear of future and death. As a boy or girl disappointed in love sometimes seems to enjoy the misery, so do these people. Sometimes this ends in suicide.
Manic depressive has alternating episodes of great depression, anger or great elation. Sometimes only one symptom is present or they may vacillate between symptoms.
Psychotic mania - an extremely outgoing person, talks excessively and loudly, laughs, shouts, mind flits from thing to thing, ignores chaste moral conduct, may be sexually promiscuous and is a rebel.
Schizophrenia - a split mind (James 1:4-6). This person has periods of inconsistency and is undependable, ignores reality and reacts largely to their hallucinations. Thinks only their ideas are the right ones. They are often apathetic (loose interest in living). They deny reality, disregarding the reality they see. Their emotions are withdrawn from reality into fantasy and they do not care to relate or communicate with friends or family. Talks only of his fantasies. Schizophrenia sometimes is helped along by this common trait of people. We tend, especially when young, to ignore the truly important things and expend great energy on unimportant things.
Many become prostitutes, druggers or boozers, bums, delinquents, wanderers and thieves. They are indifferent to pain or the pain they cause and blame others for all shortcomings.
Acute Schizophrenia Panic - sudden panic, non-stopping resulting in nervous breakdown.
Catatonic Schizophrenia - hostile to society and selves. It is shown two ways: total withdrawal, sitting in stupor or excessive aggression. In catatonic state, the person is keenly observing everything. If a catatonic shifts to extreme excited stage, the underlying hostility may force him to kill. Sometimes at this time they have superhuman (demonic) strength.
Hebephrenic Schizophrenia - a youthful mind. Often seen in people trying to take back baby or childish ways. Symptoms are silliness, disassociated emotions, peculiar delusions, hallucinations, making meaningless grimaces or gestures and inability to communicate. This behavior reflects a complete break with human concepts of conduct and substitution of a fantasy reality.
Paranoid Schizophrenic has also disordered emotions and thinking with delusions of persecutions or grandeur. His delusions help him hide the source of the problem and deny any responsibility for failure. When competition threatens, delusions of persecution are used to deny failure or frustration.
Paranoias grow out of childish adjustments to unpleasant reality. He will apply intelligence and energy to perfecting a hypothesis that is factually false but emotionally true. He is unwilling to test his emotionally true conclusion objectively or look at it logically. Paranoiacs often strive excessively for success or leadership and suffer greatly mentally if they fail.
Tranquilizing drugs - many times we are working with a schizophrenic person and the demon will give his name. It will be the name of one of the tranquilizing drugs. The demons claim to let the person appear relieved of some symptoms as long as they get the drug.
The Organic Psychosis (Physical), Psychological Discord, Kinds and Causes, Anxiety, Escape Behavior, Inborn Brain Defects, Psychic Shocks: Brain Infections, Death Intoxication, Deceived Head Injuries, Divorce, Circulation Disorders, Hate, Seizures, Rejection, Bodily Changes of Growth AND Aging, Terror, Tumors or Cancers, Fears of Catastrophe, Unknown Physical Causes, Depressed, Nervous System General Paresis, Syphilitic Damage, Alcoholic Reactions, Psychotic, Depression, Regression, In Emotions, Physical, Intellectual, Pathological Intoxication, Discouragement (Devil's D's), Acute Alcoholic, Hallucinations, Worthless, Delirium, Tremors, Hopeless, Korsakoff's Syndrome, Fantasy, Blackouts, Introvert, Alcohol / Drug Addiction, Stupor, Senile, Dementia Symptoms,
Release, Involutional Melancholia Interference, Regret of Past, Amnesia, Fear of Future, Dementia, Fear of Change, Aphasia, Death Wish Compensation, Fear of Death, Avoids, Suicide, Despair, Sexual Impotence, Despondent,
Manic-Depressive, Change of Life Stress - Male/Female Maniacal, Guilt, Wild Elation, Uselessness, Depression, Irritable, Distorted Perverted Values, Restless, Headaches, Psychotic, Mania, Heart Palpitations, Excessive: Dizziness, Talking, Sleepiness, Outgoingnesss, Forgetfulness, Laughing, Depression, Shouting, Regret, Artificial Joy, Schizophrenia, Flitting Mind, Double Minded, Spend Thrift, Split Minded, Hypomanic, No Communication, Flouting Restraints, Detachment, Fantasy, Indifference, Sexual Problems, Inconsistency, Psychotic Mania, Unreality, Promiscuous, Emotional Disorders, Arrogant, Excitement, Bold, Exaggeration, Exhibitionistic, Hallucinations, Denial, Dementia, Praecox, Apathetic, Simple, Schizophrenia, Vain Imaginations, Vagabonds, Denying Reality, Prostitutes, False Perceptions, Delinquents, Delusions, Wanderers, False Beliefs, Unsettled AND Undependable, Withdrawal, Stealing, Indifferent, Filthy, Dangerous, Catatonic Schizophrenia, Disgrace, Indifference, Hostile, Acute Schizophrenia, Panic, Childish, Negativism, Agitated, Temper, Tantrums, Nervous Breakdown, Killing, Sheer Aggressive Energy, Hebephrenic Schizophrenia, Superhuman Demonic Strength, Crazy Fool, Regression, Silliness,
Disassociated Emotions, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Peculiar Delusions AND Hallucinations, Disordered Emotion, Grimaces, Delusion of Persecution, Gestures, Delusion of Grandeur, Fantasy, Anxiety, Insane, Guilt Symbolism, Deep Fear, Frustration, Tranquilizing Drugs, Fear of Homosexuality, Chlordiazepoxide - Librium, Fears of Failure, Chorpromazine - Thorazine, Fear of Competition, Diazepam - Valium, Persuasive Delusional System, Meprobamate, Miltown AND Equanil Promazine, Saparine Reserpine, Serpasil, Street Drugs, Rock Music, Side Effects of Drugs Jaundice, Nausea, Rashes, Severe Mental Depression, Suicidal Tendencies