TABLE OF CONTENTS
1.          SEX WITH SPIRITS
2.          SOUL TRAVEL SEX
6.          DREAM STATE
7.          WITCHCRAFT
8.          DELIVERANCE
9.          COVENS
             SEX WITH SPIRITS
Demons can have sex with human beings. Incubus has sex with women. Succubus has sex with men. A person can invite demons to have sex with them such as in a Voodoo witchcraft ritual or someone who is lonely for companionship. Demons may attack a promiscous person who has had sex with a number of people and/or animals.
I dealt with a missionary couple from Zambia in my home. Two warlock spirits came into her bedroom. One said, Isn't she cute? One or both had sex with her. She went to the bathroom. Her vagina was wet with a yellow liquid.
             SOUL TRAVEL SEX
Witches can do soul travel and have sex with human beings. They leave their physical body and travel in a spirit body which contains their soul and spirit.
Bow your heads and don't look around. GOD is watching you. How many of you have had sexual experiences with demons or human spirit bodies at night  when no human being was in bed with you?
A person in the occult sciences can do soul travel into the victim's presence and put a fragment of their spirit into the victim's spirit. The purpose of the witch is to control the victim and force that person to do what they command. There would have to be an open door in the victim's spiritual armor for this to happen.
Bow your heads and don't look around. GOD is watching you. How many of you have had felt like there was someone controlling you possible within you? This could be a fragment of a human spirit in your spirit. It is not a demon spirit.
             DREAM STATE
The evil spirits (incubus and succubus) or human spirits (spirit body) generally come in the dream state. However, they can come in the daytime when the person is awake and have sex with them.
The person may think they are having a sex dream but it may be the real thing with a demon or a witch. The person may fantisize about sex after reading a love novel or watching pronography. A person may become addicted to their thought patterns. It may be affected by hormones leading to wet dreams. Women are more mental and men more physical.
I have dealt with witchcraft practiced against a person to control them. This is a witch doing soul travel into the person's presence. The witch puts a fragment of their spirit into the victim's spirit to control them. The fragment has the name of the witch. There may be more than one fragment of the witch's spirit.
Basically, the person forgives the witch for what they have done, prays for their salvation, cuts the demonic ties between them, breaks the curses of witchcraft, casts out the fragment of the witch's spirit, casts out witchcraft, prays for healing of soul and body, and separates themselves from the witch.
Try forcing the witch to remove the fragment of their spirit from the victim's spirit. If the witch will not leave, threaten to cut the silver cord.  Cutting the silver cord separates the spirit and soul from their physical body which causes the witch to die.
Sometimes there are more than one witch involved such as a coven or network ofcovens. Then you have to do this for all of the witches. They are joining together to gain power to overcome you.
You have to learn how to fight back against the witchcraft attacks. I have a book, SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYER BOOK, that teaches how to pray and do spiritual warfare. We have dealt with a network of covens around the world.
It is powerful to do it by yourself even if there is no one else to help you. It is more powerful for at least two people to join and do spiritual warfare. It is very powerful for the whole church to join together in spiritual warfare which we did tonight.
The spiritual warfare could be for one person, one family, one church, one situation where there is an witchcraft attack. A demon or fallen angel told me that we had changed the timetable of Satan by doing spiritual warfare.
One of my spiritual daughters taught me this prinicpal of questioning demons or fallen angels. Command the spirit to give you an anwerer that will stand up in The White Throne Judgement where GOD will judge the spirits.