What is sin and the standard against sin? - Sin is the thought or deed we commit that is contrary to the teaching of the Bible. The standard that is used to judge sin is the Holy Inspired Word of God, The Bible.

Who do we commit sin against? - We sin against God and others (I Cor. 8:12).

The results of our sins affect ourselves and others. We sin upward against God, outward against others, inward against ourselves and downward against our descendants.

How do we sin against God? - We sin against God by disobedience to the commandments and precepts of the whole Bible.

How do we sin against others? - We sin against others by doing something to them that is contrary to the Bible. First, see what is a sin in the Bible. Second, that would be a sin against others.

For example, the spreading of lies about another person is sin. We are telling lies which is a sin against God and it is hurting another person.

How do we sin against ourselves? - He that commits fornication sins against his own body . Every other sin that man does is outside of the body except for fornication (I Cor. 6:18).

How do we sin against our descendants? - We sin against our descendants either directly or indirectly. We can directly sin against our children or indirectly against our children's children to the tenth generation.

For example, we conceive a bastard. It is a sin against that child, our other children and our children's children to the tenth generation. The curse, created by conceiving a bastard, will bring problems and grief: primarily alienation from the church and conceiving bastards generation after generation.

Who forgives sins? - Only God can forgive sin by the shed Blood of JESUS CHRIST.

We can remit (send away) sins and retain (hold fast) sins (John 20:23). What you bind on earth is bound in Heaven; what you loose on earth is loosed in Heaven (Matt. 16:19; 18:18). Other passages are judging others (I Cor. 5:1-5), forgive in the sight of CHRIST (II Cor. 2:10) and CHRIST speaking in me (II Cor. 13:3).

Who confesses sins? - We confess our sins and the sins of our ancestors, and humble ourselves before God (Lev. 26:40-42). Earline has a testimony about how God healed her heart after she dealt with her Indian ancestors. God gave her a series of steps about how to counteract the sins of her ancestors who worshipped demons.

The ideal is to have our descendants forgive their ancestors (especially their parents). The most sure method is for the person to forgive those who have hurt them or committed acts which affect their lives.

What do we do after our sins are forgiven? - First, we get our sins are forgiven and we forgive others for sinning against us. We then have the right to break curses, soul ties and cast out the demons.

Second, we break the curses on ourselves, our mate if he or she is affected, and our descendants. We can break curses placed on us by others, curses placed on us by ourselves, and curses placed on our descendants by ourselves.

Third, we break soul ties brought about by sexual sin and witchcraft.

Fourth, we cast out the demons that came in through sin and curses.