ABORTION - Abortion is murder in the sight of God. It will probably be the "straw that broke the camel's back" and cause God to allow the United States to be destroyed by its enemies. God please forgive us for abortion, murder, killing and shedding innocent blood and being in agreement with these evil deeds.

Scripture - See the following scripture:

Ps. 139:13-16 (We are made by God.)

Isaiah 29:15-16 (Potter and the clay)

Isaiah 42:5 (God gives us breath and spirit.)

Isaiah 43:1 " 7 (Called thee by thy name)

Isaiah 44:24 (Formed thee from the earth)

Isaiah 45:9 " 12 (Created man upon the earth)

Isaiah 49:1 " 5 (Made mention of my name in the womb)

Isaiah 63:16 (Father is the lord)

Isaiah 64:8 (Works of thy hand)

Picketing - It is popular now in Christianity to picket the abortion clinics. The preachers are getting on the bandwagon. What is not popular is teaching the congregation about sexual sin and its consequences, and having deliverance thereafter. If a preacher does not have the courage to teach about sin and the aftermath, then he shouldn't get excited after the damage has been done. As Earline says, "It is like trying to get the animals out after the barn is on fire." It would be better by trying to prevent the barn from catching on fire. Those in the five-fold ministry should pray and ask God to forgive them of cowardliness.

After-Effects To Mother - "After abortion there is an increase in sterility of 5%, of miscarriages of an additional 10%, of psychiatric aftermath (9 to 59% in England), of Rh trouble later. Tubal pregnancies rise from 0.5 to 3.5% and premature babies from 5 to 15%. There can be perforation of the uterus, blood clots to the lungs, infection and later fatal hepatitis from blood transfusions." Life or Death, Hayes Publishing Co., Inc., 6304 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45224.

BINDING, LOOSING AND AGREEING - Binding and loosing in agreement is one of the most effective weapons in our warfare that can be used for deliverance as well as our everyday life. We can bind or loose anything that God has given us the authority to bind or loose.

Scripture - Use the following scripture as your authority:

Matt. 16:18-19 " 18:18-20 (Binding and loosing)

Matt. 28:18-20 (All power is given me in heaven and earth.)

Jn. 20:21-23 (Remitting and retaining sins)

I Cor. 5:4-5 (With the power of our Lord Jesus Christ)

II Cor. 2:10-11 (For your sakes forgave I it in the person of Christ.)

I Jn. 3:22 (Because we keep His commandments)

I Jn. 5:14 (Ask anything according to His will)

Binding - Binding is a temporary measure and should be done daily. If we can't cast out the demons for some reason, then we can only bind them. Binding is also preparatory to casting out demons. Binding a demon will not cause him to leave; he must be cast out.

Loosing - Once the demons are bound, then we can loose them out of a person. We can also loose spirits of God. We prefer to use more direct commands to cast out demons than the word "loose" such as "I command you to come out of him/her in the Name of Jesus" (Mk. 16:17). Repeat this verse three times to let it have an affect on you.

Agreeing - It is very important for us to agree together in prayer to bind and loose. It is very powerful when husband and wife agree in prayer each day. It is extremely powerful when the entire congregation of a church agrees in unity and not dissension.

Daily Prayers - Binding, loosing and agreeing should be done on a daily basis, not necessarily just for deliverance, but for our home and family, finances, job and business, country, ministry, etc. We bind all powers, principalities, evil forces in this world and spiritual forces in high places. Repeat the following: "We loose the powers of God: warring angels, ministering angels, the Holy Spirit and the Seven-Fold Spirit of God. We bind up every force of evil and loose every force of good that we have the power and authority to do so in Jesus' Name. We agree together in the Name of Jesus Christ."

SATAN IS A GRADUALIST - The way that Satan and his demons trap humans is gradualism, the slow methodical driving of a person to do a little sin at first which leads up to a lot of sin in the end. If Satan tried to get us involved too quickly, we would recognize his tactics and refuse.

So, he paints sin in a beautiful way so that we will try it. For instance, take the cigarette advertisements. The beautiful, sexy woman is used to show how great it is to smoke. Satan doesn't show you the end of the story of the man lying in the hospital coughing up blood, grasping for breath and dying of lung cancer.

Steps Leading To Possession - There are many steps from an innocent child to a demon-possessed old person. Probably the steps would fill a biographical book about the life of the individual. The following are seven steps which Satan uses to take over an immortal soul and was taken from Charismatic Studies - Analysis, Definition and Function - Demon Power, World Harvest Advanced School of Evangelism, South Bend, Indiana.

1. Regression: Reversion to earlier behavior patterns, to go backward.

2. Repression: To restrain. To squeeze. To prevent natural expression. To keep down. To hold back.

3. Suppression: To press under. Keep back, conceal. An exclusion of desire and feeling.

4. Depression: Low spirits, gloominess, dejection, sadness. A decrease in force or activity. An emotional condition, either neurotic or psychotic, characterized by feelings of hopelessness or inadequacy.

5. Oppression: Pressure to crush. To smother. To overpower or overwhelm. To harass - ravish or rape.

6. Obsession: To besiege. To haunt as of evil spirits, a fixed idea to an unreasonable degree.

7. Possession: To inhabit. To occupy. To control. To hold as a property. To dominate. To actuate. Being ruled by extraneous forces.

Our View Of Possession - We have never seen a Christian who was totally possessed by demons. It is common to see Christians who have demons; probably all Christians. If you have a demon that keeps you from obeying the Bible, then you are possessed in that area. For example, suppose that you are an alcoholic or a glutton. Then you are possessed in the area of alcohol or food intake. If you can't control your body, then who is controlling it? Check yourself out by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Is there anything in your life that does not glorify Jesus Christ, further the Kingdom of God, follow the Bible, quieting the Holy Spirit within you, make good sense, etc.?

SAUL'S EXPERIENCE - These behavior patterns were probably identified earlier in the series of books Freedom From Evil Spirits, Faith Clinic, Dallas, Texas. "King Saul really had a testimony after his goods were gone. He even preached. Let's review briefly his experience. He had a new heart, was changed into another man and served God for years; yet he yielded to a suicide spirit and killed himself (I Samuel, chapters 10 to 31). Notice how he went from step to step.

1. Obsession: Popularity - obeyed the people - confessed to Samuel instead of God. Pride - big in his own sight. Greed - thought of the spoil. Evil spirit - left his mind when David played music (I Sam. 16;23).

2. Oppression: Rebellion - stubbornness, hypocrisy, justified himself. Hatred - envy, because David was more righteous. Anger - murder, tried to kill David. Evil spirit - failed to leave as David played (I Sam. 18:10-11).

3. Depression: Grief - sorrow, trouble, regret, despondency, discouragement, was, despair.

4. Recession: Gave up his profession; in desperation, went to a witch.

5. Possession: Forsaken by the Lord; no answer - no deliverance! Witchcraft - awful fear, suicide, lost forever!"

WITCHCRAFT AND BLACK MAGIC: Eze. 13:17-23 - The following of scriptures in Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel and Obadiah were given to Virgil Vis by the Lord. He asked me to tell him what interpretation I received about this sequence of scriptures.

1. Prophesy out of their own heart (false visions or false prophecy).

2. Hunt the souls of my people (practice divination).

3. Lies have made righteous sad.

4. Vanity, divine divinations, polluting God.

5. Through witchcraft, God's people can become depressed, captive, killed, backslidden, entrapped.

6. We forgive our enemies, false prophets, diviners, lairs, vane people and witches. We break soul ties and curses. We cast out depression, disease, etc.


1. Return to God and be healed of backsliding.

2. Shame, confusion, sin, faithlessness, idolatry, dishonor.

3. God please forgive our ancestors and us, and heal us from our backslidings. We cast out shame and confusion in Jesus Name.

END TIMES: Daniel Chapter 8

1. Evil coming against the saints, God and church leaders.

2. Transgression of God's people who feel secure and do nothing.

3. Permission given by God to forces of evil to fight against us.

4. Exceeding limits of God's mercy for our sins.

5. Dark trickery and craftiness.

6. This is a prophecy for the end times. However, it could be happening today in a measure as a beginning of the end. Evil will wax worse and worse.


1. We have disobeyed God. 2. When God's laws are broken, we are cursed. 3. God told Earline that He can no longer bless our nation but will only bless individuals!

FUTURE OF NATIONS OF WORLD: Obadiah 3, 10 " 17 1. Pride and wronging other Christians. 2. There shall be deliverance for those who escape and it shall be holy, and they shall repossess their former possessions.

FULL GOSPEL BUSINESS MEN'S FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL - I am a life member of FGBMFI. This organization introduced me to the full-gospel life. It was a great help to me and I became active in the fellowship. Unfortunately in Baton Rouge, the chapter stopped spiritually when deliverance was introduced. I would like to say to my brothers and sisters in FGBMFI - go on with God; don't be limited by man.

Like so many groups, churches and denominations, the organizations are in a box. If you stay in the box with their doctrines, you are popular and everyone wants you around. If you open the box lid to look at other teachings of God, then you become unpopular and they want to drive you away. Before deliverance, Earline and me were very popular; after deliverance - very unpopular.

LAKE HAMILTON BIBLE CAMP - We recommend that everyone attend the campmeetings. Through the years of visiting and ministering at the camp, we find that the meetings are physically tiring, spiritually refreshing, mentally challenging and materially a blessing to see many people helped by the camp. We support the camp with our talents and offerings.

AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL MINISTERS (L.D. Sledge, Attorney at Law) - I have just returned from a seminar in San Francisco sponsored by the American Bar Association on "Tort and Religion". The things I learned have left me very troubled and I feel that I must share my concerns with you.

I have an unsuitable belief in the spirit and integrity of man and in his right to believe and practice any religious/spiritual persuasion of his choice. The first amendment guarantees mean a great deal to me and what I have observed portends not just an eroding of this right, but a deliberate scheme to destroy it as we have always known it.

You may feel secure as you are among the "mainstream" of religions, and you may feel that you cannot be attacked. But yours is a religion and as such yours is a potential target for the coming "gold rush" of liability exposure. You may find this incredible, but it is true.

I met an attorney from Minnesota who says cases are flooding into his office against Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of God, Catholic, Episcopalian Churches, all "mainstream" churches. He is winning these cases and getting large awards and settlements.

I see not just a "liability crisis" looming, but I see the potential of a stifling of religious activities and practices as a result of the duality borne of the need for accountability and a push by psychiatry for control.

Louisiana Revised Civil Code, Article 2315, the basic accountability article in our state reads: "Every act whatever of man that causes damage to another obliges him by whose fault it happened to repair it." This is the basis of Louisiana "tort" law, the side of the ledger dealing with redress of civil wrongs as opposed to the state dealing with criminal wrongs. It is the law of reparations. Every other state has a similar law, though maybe not as poetically phrased.

Other states provide for punitive damages, that is, damages for more than compensating the victim or injured party for the reparations, to punish or to correct as an added element, Louisiana doesn't have punitive damages.

Traditional methods of raising funds and donations, proselytizing for converts, and recruiting for staff and ministers may result in a "violation" of this civil concept and fall into the category of compensable accountability.

For example: A congregation member inherits a large sum of money and decides to donate a portion of it to the Church. Later he changes his mind, prompted by a legitimate change or by some group that wishes to fabricate suits against churches )and there are numerous groups like this forming in this country) alleging that he was defrauded or deluded, or "hypnotized" and he goes to a psychiatrist who supports his position saying that he was "brainwashed," leading to lack of free will to make such a disposition.

Suit is filed and the outraged jury, whipped into a foment by a skilled trial lawyer who sensationalizes the entirety of clerical recruitment and fund raising as carnival and fraud, grants a verdict of repayment and an outlandish and crippling punitive award to the injured contributor.

What if a troubled member seeks counselling and later commits suicide. The Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley case in California raged for nearly 10 years before the State Supreme Court finally rejected plaintiff's claims, but set the precedent that a duty of care and foreseeable circumstances are factors to be properly considered in such cases. The original jury held for the plaintiff. If suicide was foreseeable, the Church would be liable unless the member was sent to a psychiatrist.

What is a member asserts that the conduct of a church official or minister constitutes molestation, abuse, emotional damage, delusion, psychological injuries, which result in loss of property, status, prestige, family, money, divorce, suicide, bankruptcy---ad infinitum? Or what if a newly recruited minister says that he or she was brainwashed, psychologically or emotionally harmed by the recruitment, training, drills, catechisms, education or other church routines and activities?

He can go to a psychologist or psychiatrist and the purchased testimony of these "experts" or "doctors of the mind" can result in adverse and bankrupting damage awards.

This all has a severely chilling effect on all phases of religious activities, growth and survival.

There is another contradictory and disturbing phenomena that is developing. A number of Ministers, Rabbis and Priests who spoke say that when a tough situation comes up that they "refer" the member to a psychologist or psychiatrist!!!

I find this to be an incredible incongruity. To avoid the inability to handle a troubled man, woman or child, and to pass the buck (and now the legal responsibility) these shepherds send their sheep to the butcher instead of handling them as we always have handled our troubled folk in the past.

Are they deserting their prime directive? When days are sunny and roads are good, they are all smiles and help with the collection plate in hand. When times get bad they wash their hands of the troubled member and send him off for "treatment" which will invariably involve behavior modifying drugs such as elavil, valium, or worse. Frequently this will involve electro convulsive therapy (ECT or commonly known a shock treatment). The doctor ties the patient down, places a towel between his teeth, places an electrode on each temple and slams cell shattering volts of electricity through his brain. This usually calms the patient--it actually gives him another larger problem. This is a destructive therapy.

This may help his neighbors, but it destroys the patient. Then there will be episodic confinements in various kinds of institutions at great cost from then on, plus loss of memory, productivity, creativity, ability and even individuality.

All of this so called therapy brands and labels him, and effectively removes him from society as being mentally ill, crazy, a pariah.

The ministers are becoming social directors of their social clubs, delivering motivational speeches with an overtone of hope. From the citadel of hope and love there has been a massive AWOL and even treason in many churches and ministries. they are offering hope but the help is being farmed out.

And what is the basis of the expertise of these to whom the hapless member is referred? Dr. Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, wrote that religion was "the universal obsessional neurosis of humanity," that religion was "patently infantile, and characteristic of a primitive stage in the development of civilization." And in varying degrees, that view persists in psychology.

These "doctors" deny that man is a spiritual being, but that he is the coincidental collision of chemicals and neurons in a meaningless and totally accidental and meaningless universe of equally meaningless purpose, all without hope, help, soul or spirit.

Psychiatry rejects all religion as an "opiate" of the people, and denigrates faiths as an "illusion." They label spirituality as pathology and mental illness, and describe religious experience as disorder, all requiring treatment. This is well explained in the texts they study to get their certificates and in their "bible", the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM III). In this manual almost any activity or behavior of man is labeled symptomatic of a disorder, and further it directs therapies for these created disorders. This treatment is usually behavior modifying drugs to be administered only by the high priests of psychiatry.

Psychology originally meant psyche (spirit) ology (study of), or study of the spirit, but failing to have any faith in or tangible proof of the existence or whereabouts of the spirit, psychiatry and psychology have long since abandoned such foolishness for to them obviously there is no spirit or soul, and any belief in such is clearly symptomatic of a serious mental illness that demands treatment according to their totally baseless "science." And to make it worse, they will admit that they know nothing of the mind, they admit that they deny the spirit, and they admit that they have never cured anyone!

These are the helpers to whom our hapless sheep are sent by our shepherds of the cloth in the name of help.

A number of nationally prominent psychiatrists and psychologists spoke at the seminar. Tree of them were Drs. Richard Delgado, Richard Ofshe, and Louis Jolyn West, all associates and affiliated with Stanford University, who have been involved in experiments with LSD, drugs, brain surgery and ECT. Dr. West gave Tusko, a Los Angeles zoo elephant, such a dose of LSD that the beloved elephant died.

These men were arrogant and sneered at the idea that the first amendment should protect such obviously deluded and mentally disordered people as the Hare Krishnas, Moonies, Syndicalists and Fundamentalists. These same people who I feel should never have been given a forum of such a redoubtable institution as the ABA, are conspicuously present in trials and make themselves available as experts to testify against the churches.

Their anti-clerical intent was not concealed; it was very overt, and clearly these "non mainstream" religious groups were only the appetizers for the big meal to come.

There is a crazy conflict here. All of society and its religions are in a pincer movement, and the single hand of psychiatry, backed by the AMA, holds the tweezers.

Catholics, Jews and many Protestant Churches are requiring that their priests, rabbis and ministers take courses in psychology and psychoanalysis, and even some require psychoanalysis as a requisite to certification. This marriage of conflicting technologies demands the adoption and usage of the techniques and think, and in general getting into bed with, a technology that violently disavows and denies everything sacred and good that we most steadfastly believe in.


All speakers against the first amendment and in favor of large judgments against the Churches maintained that the first amendment guarantees the "freedom to believe, but not the freedom to do." This phrase was repeated over and over by the pro-lawsuit speakers, and the psychiatric community, who are all considered national experts and opinion leaders in this country at this time on this subject matter.

Where does this lead?

Logical extension of this through time, by projecting this acceleration and proliferating movement into the next century, leads us to an inescapable and barren millennium of Godless, Soulless autonomy of psychiatry under what they labeled in the seminar as the "secular model" as opposed to the "religious model", tow more psych created phrases creeping into our language meaning psychiatry or religion.

I see our Churches willingly and even enthusiastically rushing to the embrace of this grinning, knowing seducer, whose purposes are to destroy all religion except its own, which is itself a cult of mind and soul control that smacks of things that go bump in the night.

What can and what must be done? For the remainder of the letter, please contact Mr. L.D. Sledge, Wrenwood Office Park, 8325 Jefferson Hwy., Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809, Telephone (504) 927-4357.


These professions are unnecessary for Christians who will follow the Bible and apply the provisions found therein, especially deliverance. Then he or she would not need these services. Earline and me are more successful because we use the Bible and it works. God can cure you but they can't.


Abortion, Murder, Suicide, Death

Killing, Cowardliness, Sterility, Miscarriages

Psychiatric Aftermath, Rh Trouble, Tubal Pregnancies

Premature Babies, Perforation of the Uterus, Blood Clots

Infection, Fatal Hepatitis, Regression, Repression

Suppression, Depression, Low Spirits, Gloominess

Dejection, Sadness, Neurotic, Psychotic

Hopelessness, Inadequacy, Oppression, Rape

Obsession, Possession, Dominate, Popularity

Pride, Greed, Rebellion, Stubbornness

Hypocrisy, Self-Justification, Hatred, Envy

Anger, Demonic Grief, Sorrow, Trouble

Regret, Despondency, Discouragement, Despair

Recession, Desperation, Witchcraft, Fear

Black Magic, False Visions, False Prophecy, Divination

Lying, Vanity, Depression, Disease

Shame, Confusion, Faithlessness, Idolatry

Dishonor, Trickery, Craftiness, Molestation

Abuse, Emotional Damage, Delusion, Psychological Injury

Divorce, Brainwashed, Modifying Drugs, Elavil

Valium, ECT, Shock Treatment, Destructive Therapy

Loss of Memory, Mental Illness, Crazy, Pathology

Disorder, LSD, Drugs