TABLE OF CONTENTS
1.          Battle
2.          Preface
3.          Unidentified Flying Objects
4.          Illuminati
5.          Mystery Religions
6.          Reference
This is the eternal cosmic war between darkness and light; between GOD and Satan.
A new civilization arising out of the ashes of the ruined one appears to be the plan of the Illuminati. A catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economic system may be planned.
Hugh underground bases are being created. These may be for the protection of the elite: occult and otherwise.
The plan comprises a level of unseen motives and hidden intention in agencies that have the power of life and death over the citizens of the United States and the world.
Around the year 2000 A.D. is significant to those in the occult. I have been told that year 2011 will be the year of GOD's WRATH and the occult will try to hide in secret places to escape.
In current polite - read mind controlled - society. There has been massive deception and manipulation. This is the personification of world fascism, evil and mind control. There are linkages between occultism, politics and spycraft.
There are accounts of drug experimentation, brainwashing, electroshock, psychosurgery, and the experimental injection of hostile bacteria and viruses. There are techniques of brainwashing, thought reform, behavior modification, hypnosis, and conditioned reflex therapy.
We are influenced by the media: newspapers, books, radio, motion pictures and television. Modern people have no memory, willpower or interest in their own fate except in so far as it may serve as momentary titillation and entertainment.
Television is a potent mind drug that actually induces a trance state. It is the most potent societal drug in the mind control arsenal. Words transmitted via low density microwaves or radio frequencies, or by other covert methods, may be used to create influence in humans or animals.
The nation at large is being stupefied by massive drugging promoted by the so-called medical profession and the media as the answer to their cares. The counterculture is based on street drugs.
The populace has been drugged, shocked, irradiated, made ill, manipulated and even killed in the efforts to devise the most effective and invisible manacles for the containment of members of our democracy. Tiny electronic brain implants can be inserted through the nose so that we can be controlled.
             Unidentified Flying Objects
There is a connection between occult philosophy, the lore of UFO's, and the totalitarian New World Order.
There is an almost total media blackout about the possibility that UFO's are anything other than extraterrestrial phenomena.
The overall goal of this secret society is the rebuilding of the destroyed Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.
Light = Illumination = Illuminati. Illuminate = Illumination = the adepts of the Sungod and his consort.
Astronomy is used to predict coming occurrences.
             Mystery Religions
The Dog Star, Sirius; the Lords of Light and various other references relating to light; the Eye in the Triangle; the Illuminati; Set; Isis; the Temple of Solomon; the Star of David; the Phoenix, and God's reported covenant with Israel, the Qabalah. Sirius is interchangeable with the Eye in the Triangle, the Mother Goddess Isis, and the pentagram beloved of many a mystical sect.
Egyptian god trinity is Isis (Mother Goddess), Osiris (Sun God), and Horus. The Sun deities include Ra, Odin, Jehovah, Jesus, Diana, Mary, Ishtar, Rhea, Astarte, Cybele and Ma. Practices include secret ritual initiation involving dramatizations of the lives of the gods, the imbibing of psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms, sex orgies (with an emphasis on homosexuality), and at least in some instances, human sacrifice.
The Jewish / Gnostic mystical practice of Qabalah has had great philosophical influence of the Sun God / Mother Goddess mythology and is loaded with sexual imagery.
Saturnalian orgies represent such deities as Artemis (Diana or Hecate), Aphrodite Porne (Dirty Venus), Bastet, Selket and the White Goddess. Homosexual and bisexual practices have been a mainstay of certain forms of ritual magick. The Mystery Religions utilized hallucinogenic drugs, Sun and Mother Goddess worship, and human sacrifice.
The Mystery Religions may be seen in Virgin Mary manifestations, Isis, Astarte, the White Goddess, etc. The Gnostic mass is sexual symbolization. Ritualism and magic are connected. Prophetic mystery systems are I Ching, the Tarot, runes, tea leaves, reading animal entrails, and the Magic 8-Ball.
Saucers of the Illuminati by Jim Keith, IllumniNet Press, Lilburn, GA. I highly recommend that you purchase this book and read the entire contents.