Contacting a  Paranormal Investigator is not advisable. The paranormal investigator will not be able to help you with a haunting of any kind because they do not do anything to help you put an end to the haunting. They may advise you to call a Psychic or Medium which is very dangerous and will make matters worse. You must know how the haunting started and what to do to end it ,which I will tell you in my book.

My  Kindle Book:

Hauntings :Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself by Author Helena V. Garilano


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My book will give you detailed information about why hauntings happen , who the spirits really are and how to put an end to the haunting.

This Christian book is filled with information that is very hard to find. You will learn things you have never heard before in hauntings books or on TV.

The entire book is filled with Scripture and gives warning to all Christians that you must do House Deliverance. Jesus commands all Christians to cast out demons! Everyone's house and land needs Deliverance from demons. If you are a Christian it is important for you to learn how demons operate in your home and land.

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