Help for a haunting


First, get yourself a King James Bible and do not panic. Study the Bible. You do not have to go to a church building because Jesus did not tell you to do that.

SAY THIS NOW AND EVERYDAY UNTIL YOU LEARN WHAT TO DO ABOUT A HAUNTING: Father in the Name of Jesus Christ help me with this Haunting, please send Giant Warrior Angels to protect me , my family and to help me fight these spirits. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cover my family , my self, this house and land with the Blood of Jesus Christ. I bind you and command you to stay away in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Do not under any circumstances talk to the spirits or allow anyone else to do so. Do not use candles or pray to anyone other than to the Father in Jesus Name and do not use a Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, call a psychic or medium or a paranormal investigator.

You do not need to call anyone such as a paranormal investigator , psychic or exorcist to help. If you need to prove a haunting so you can sue , get your rent back or get out of a lease , you can take pictures or video and take it to court. Be sure to tell the newspapers, law makers about the problem.


1. The Ghosts you are seeing are not human , they are demons! What you are told in the movies and books about hauntings is not true! The spirits are not human or earthbound!

Here is proof from the Bible: King James Bible! It is the most powerful!
Ecclesiastes 12:7
“Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

Demons appear in human form to deceive you!  If they appear as their true form, demons , you will not talk to them. Demons always hope you don't learn how to cast them out. They don't want you to learn how they attack and hope you always think you don't have demons inside you , your house or your land. This way they can attack in ways you don't recognize like mental illness, fighting and other ways. They always hope you don't think you have problems with spirits in the house. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they are not there.

2. Never say they are not there! They don't want you to know they are there. If you know they are there and they are, you will cast them out ! See how they are!

3. Important: All buildings, land, houses and apartments are haunted! You might say" well I don't see anything". That doesn't mean they are not there. Do not ignore them because this will allow them to attack you in ways you will not understand. You won't understand how they attack because you are not familiar with their attacks. Many times you think it is a mental problem and this is not true! Many times demons will attack just the one person, especially the children or young teens. They will make you think they belong in a mental institution and they don't because the demons cause this. Just because someone tells you they saw a spirit (evil spirit) does not mean they have a mental problem.  When someone tells you they saw a spirit, you must act quickly and cast out demons.

Steps to remove demons from your home:

Realize they are there
Become a Believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (God)
Never use an object to get rid of spirits like , holy water, candles, ouija board,smudge,sage or anything else.
Tempory hold!
Say I cover this place with the Blood of Jesus Christ.
I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ.
They don't leave quickly and make take a long time to leave. They will attack you back to see if you really believe in Jesus Christ. They will try to stop you from attacking them with the simple thought that they are not there or sometimes they will stop bothering you for a while and go into hiding.  You must get rid of them and cannot ignore them because they are not bothering you in ways you can see. They can cause illness so it is very important to cast them out.

Basic principle: They don't want to leave and will attack you secretly because they don't want you to cast them out. They don't want you to study the Bible. You can stay home to study the Bible because the Bible does not say to go to a "building"

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