My Great- Grandmother and Grandfather Rosa and Santo traveled with five children from Italy to immigrate in  the Untied States Of America ! They had eight other children in America! Author Helena V Garilano is the granddaughter of their youngest son, Michael

Author, Helena V Garilano, has written a Christian Book about Hauntings filled with Scripture and information not well known to the public.

Help with a Ghost and a Haunting


Study the King James Bible at home . Jesus did not tell you to go to a church building.

SAY THIS NOW AND EVERYDAY UNTIL YOU LEARN WHAT TO DO ABOUT A HAUNTING: Father in the Name of Jesus Christ help me with this Haunting, please send Giant Warrior Angels to protect me , my family and to help me fight these spirits. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cover my family , my self, this house and land with the Blood of Jesus Christ. I bind you and command you to stay away in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Do not under any circumstances talk to the spirits or allow anyone else to do so. Do not use candles or pray to anyone other than to the Father in Jesus Name and do not use a Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, call a psychic or medium or a paranormal investigator.
The spirits may appear as your dead relatives , but are not them. This is a tactic the spirits use to get you to talk to them.

My  paperback book sold on amazon English

Hauntings :Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself by Author Helena V. Garilano

  Italian Kindle Book on Amazon

Hauntings Perché si verificano e come aiutarti Autore Helena V. Garilano

Italian Paperback Book on Amazon

Hauntings Perche si verificano e come aiutarti Authore Helena V. Garilano

Kindle book:

Hauntings Why they Happen and How to Help Yourself Author Helena V Garilano

My book will give you detailed information about why hauntings happen and who the spirits really are!

This Christian book is filled with information that is very hard to find.

The entire book is filled with Scripture and gives warning to all Christians that you must do House Deliverance. Jesus commands all Christians to cast out demons! Everyone's house and land needs Deliverance from demons. If you are a Christian it is important for you to learn how demons operate in your home and land.