PREFACE - The only way for deliverance to spread around the world is for many people to begin to practice deliverance. I encourage you to take this guide, begin to practice deliverance and help others as you grow stronger. God told us to help train an army to minister deliverance.
Mass deliverance is simply deliverance for everyone that can hear your voice. You can use this lesson for your family or church. Normally we only work on one area of a person's life at a time and do not try to cover all areas at the same time in mass deliverance.
There is nothing mysterious about deliverance; any Christian can cast out demons. As a teacher, I am worthless if I can not show you how to practice what I teach. The Bible is also worthless unless you put it into practice.
1. Find out what the individual's problems are.
2. Forgive, pray and get yourself right with God.
3. Break the curses and soul ties on you and your descendants.
4. Cast out the demons.
5. Pray for healing of soul and body.
6. Discipline your life by changing your way of thinking and acting.
It is easy to cast out demons but hard to discipline your life!
General - Practice systematic deliverance: basic then advanced - mass and individual. Work on one area of a person's life at a time in mass deliverance.
You can not cast out all of the demons at one time!
Pray deliverance prayers - break Biblical curses and soul ties - renounce occult and false religions - loose Godly Spirits - destroy or exorcise cursed objects - make positive confessions in Christ - read deliverance Scripture.
Scripture - Read deliverance Scripture out loud to the spiritual world. There are many Scriptures that can be used in the Old and New Testaments. Several Scriptures follow:
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty thru God to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against God.
No weapon formed against us will prosper.
Statements - Make positive confessions to God and to each other about living our life for Christ. Some of these types of statements follow:
We forgive everyone that has hurt or sinned against us, and we pray for our enemies.
We exercise honesty - humility - repentance - renunciation - forgiveness - prayer - warfare.
We seize the Kingdom of Heaven and take it by force from Satan.
We overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb, by our testimony for Jesus Christ, and we love not our lives unto death.
We send back every fiery dart and demon attack that has been sent against us.
We give no opportunity to the Devil.
We cast out the demons and their works. We eject, drive out, pluck out, thrust out, expel, rebuke, censure, admonish, send away, put out, loosen holds, break up nests, and put off works of demons.
We have power, authority, mastery, superhuman force and control over all the works of the enemy; you must obey and subordinate yourselves to our commands.
We resist, despise, have contempt for, speak doom to, abhor, loathe, detest and hate everything that God hates, all sin and evil, Satan, fallen angels and demons.
We break the power of cursed objects, hex signs, demonic toys and games, and objects infested by demons.
We put on the Whole Armor of God and cover ourselves with the Blood of Jesus Christ. We accept Jesus Christ is our Lord, Master and Savior!
We close all doorways for Satan in the occult, addictions, sexual impurities, demonic healing, demonic religions, rock music, inheritances and any others known or unknown.
Casting Out - I now command all controlling spirits to come out of the human being as follows:
Soul: Mind - Will - Emotions
Conscious - Subconscious - Unconscious
Body: Physical - Brain - Sexual Organs
I now command all special demons to manifest and come out or leave as your name is called:
Wer Beasts: Vampires - Werewolves - Zombies
Manifestations: Changelings - Incubi/Succubi - Dopple Gangers
Objects: Familiar Objects - Fetish, Talisman and Amulets - Marks - Hagstones -
Curses: Spells - Incantations - Hexes - Vexes
I now command all demons associated with the above practices to come out as well as the following demonic families IN THE NAME OF JESUS:
Demons: Son of Satan - Mind Control - Death - Occult - Magic - Witchcraft -
Drugs - Child Abuse - Fornication - Demonic Healing - Eastern Religions -
Demonic Inheritance - Demonic Games - Rock Music - Voodoo - Familiar and
Guiding Spirits - Forces and Powers