PREFACE - It bothers me for preachers to give a sermon and then say that this sermon is the answer to all of your problems. Then for the preacher to do the same thing next week or week after week. There is no one answer to the Christian life. This lesson is what God has shown us about the Christian life; it is an overview. We are not completely living this life but we are improving as time goes by. I don't want to bring you into condemnation. You need to realize that it takes time to change your life; it actually takes years. God is a God of Restoration and you will spend your whole life being restored. I believe that if we were completely restored, we would be like Adam and Eve; able to do anything that God wants us to do. Our goal is to be more like JESUS CHRIST realizing that we will never be another JESUS CHRIST.
GENERAL - To live the whole Christian life means to obey the whole Bible. It means that every aspect of our lives must be lined up with the precepts of the Bible. This includes the mental, physical, spiritual and material parts of our lives. The Bible tells us how to live in every area of our lives. God is not out-of-date; He didn't forget anything in the Bible for our modern age.
MENTAL - We must discipline our mind, will and emotions. We learn to control our thinking the same way we control our physical body. The physical is told what to do; so, the brain is also told what to think by the spirit. The Holy Spirit leads our spirit which leads our soul which leads our body. The passive mind is an empty vessel inviting demons to have their way.
PHYSICAL - We must take care of our physical body. We should not abuse it by food, drink, drugs, etc. that we put into the body. We should not sin against the body by committing sexual sin. The body needs some physical exercise but not before spiritual exercise. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be a place where the Holy Spirit would want to live.
SPIRITUAL - We must feed the spiritual man within us. This requires living the Christian life. That requires reading the Bible, fasting, praying, fellowship with other Christians and other Christian activities. After salvation, it includes obtaining the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, learning about divine healing and divine health, DELIVERANCE and casting out demons, and prosperity for all areas of our life.
MATERIAL - We must learn that God is our source who will supply all of our needs. We learn to look to God rather than to ourselves or to man. We learn to have faith and trust in God. We will prosper mentally, physically, spiritually and even materially. Remember that the love of money is the root of all evil.
SALVATION, BAPTISM IN HOLY SPIRIT, HEALING, DELIVERANCE AND PROSPERITY - Learn how to lead people to salvation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other TONGUES. Learn how to pray for healing and how to cast out demons. Learn how to have prosperity in every area of your life; you will prosper as your spirit prospers.
SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY - We are a spirit that has a body and a soul. The spirit and soul reside in the body which is a temporary house. Our spirit and soul will be with us in Heaven. The order of importance is spirit first, soul second and body last.
GOD, FAMILY AND OCCUPATION - The order of importance is God first, family second and occupation last. Most of my life was spent in the reverse order: occupation first, family second and God last. If you put God first in your life, He will help you to work with you to work out the remainder of your life (family, occupation, etc.) so that everything will work together for the Glory of God and to your benefit.
SHORTCUTS TO THE CHRISTIAN LIFE - There are no excuses in the Bible. There are no shortcuts to the whole Christian life. You must work to live the Christian life. It is not a passive, spectator sport of watching others do your work. You must work at being a good mate, a good parent, a good child and a good Christian all of your life. God does not honor lazy Christians.
BATTLE AGAINST EVIL - Satan is good at his job of being evil. He works twenty-four hours a day at destroying you. His demons never rest. You need to be as good at being a Christian as Satan is good at being evil. You will battle evil until you die. Learn to be a good soldier for the Lord.
CHARISMATIC WITCHCRAFT - You must learn to follow God and not man. Don't fall into the trap of idolizing your leader. You must be free from man so that you can do what God wants in your life.
PROMISES IN THE BIBLE - There are many promises to Christians in the Bible. However, for every promise there is a condition. You will not receive the promise if you do not fulfill the condition. We want to live a haphazard, sinful Christian life and yet receive all of the blessings from God. It won't work; God is not mocked.
BLESSINGS AND CURSES - There is a blessing for every verse in the Bible that you obey. There is a curse for every verse in the Bible that you disobey. If you obey half of the Bible, you are half blessed and half cursed. Decide to follow the whole Bible, not just a selected part of it.
SIN IN YOUR LIFE - If you have sin in your life, you have opened the door for Satan and his demons to attack you, your family and your church. Sin is a crack in your armor whether known or unknown to you. You or your ancestors have invited Satan to come into your life and work havoc.
DEMONS AND CURSES IN YOUR LIFE - You must systematically work at riding yourself of curses and demons. It is much easier to live without your demons than with your demons. It is easier to live with the demons on the outside than on the inside of the body. Christians have many curses and demons, and must work over an extended period of time to rid themselves of these. What the church needs more than anything else is DELIVERANCE. They will never win the battle with Satan without DELIVERANCE. We need to cast out demons as a natural part of our Christian life.
Satan's MASTER PLAN TO DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE - Satan first wants you to get rejected. Then he causes you to become bitter by having unforgiveness. Finally he leads you into rebellion. You are then programmed to go into many other demonic activities such as sexual sin to gain love that you didn't receive as a child.
REJECTION, ROOT OF BITTERNESS, REBELLION AND UNFORGIVENESS - These three families, "The Three R's", of demons are the root causes of most of our problems as Christians. We must work to cleanse our lives of all rejection, bitterness and rebellion so that we are not controlled in any way by these emotions and reactions. Unforgiveness is very detrimental to our lives. We must forgive everyone who has done anything to us - actual or imagined. Hate, vengeance, envy and strife have no part in our lives.
CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - You must deal with why you consciously do things that are displeasing to God. You must deal with why you do things subconsciously without active thought on your part. You must check every area of your live that does not glorify JESUS, further the Kingdom of God, please the Holy Spirit within you, line up with the Bible, and make good sense. Your mind will be slowly restored as you follow the Bible and walk the Christian walk.
CLEANING YOUR HOME AND YOUR PERSON - You must clean your home and your person (body) of cursed objects. If you have cursed objects, you become cursed and you will have demons living with you. They don't just come to live in your home or on your person, they come to torment you and your family.
MASS DELIVERANCE, INDIVIDUAL DELIVERANCE, TEACHING AND COUNSELING - We need mass and individual DELIVERANCE to rid ourselves of curses and demons. We need teaching and counseling to learn to discipline our minds and bodies. We need plenty of DELIVERANCE and teaching; it should be about one third of our church services.
MAINTAINING DELIVERANCE AND CHRISTIANITY - When you receive DELIVERANCE, you must fight to maintain it by changing your way of thinking and acting. You maintain your Christianity by continuing to live the Christian life. If you are not going forward with JESUS, you are going backwards with Satan. You must fight to discipline your soul and body. We can't just cast out your demons and you will live happily ever after. Start testifying about your DELIVERANCE; it will strengthen you.
DISCIPLINE FOR MIND AND BODY - Your mind must be disciplined so that it will think properly in accordance with the Bible. You must learn to act according to God rather than react according to Satan when presented with problems. You must discipline your body by getting proper sleep, exercise and food. You need sufficient rest for recuperation, physical exercises to keep the body working properly and the right food to sustain the body. You can sleep too much or too little. Lack of exercise will allow the body to deteriorate. Eat the right food and keep your body trim, not overweight.
LEARN ABOUT THE REAL ENEMY - You must educate yourself about Satan and his kingdom of evil so that you are not destroyed by ignorance about the wiles of Satan. You need to read and study to show yourself approved as a workman for God. Find out what the Bible has to say about evil; don't just study the Love of God and His Promises to you. Don't fall into traps of the occult, false religions and other demonic practices such as certain holidays. Learn to see the forces of evil working in the lives of those people God tells us about in the Bible. The Bible contains much scripture about DELIVERANCE and demonic activity. We have written a "DELIVERANCE Manual" to teach people about the enemy.
DEALING WITH THE REALITY OF LIFE - God is total reality; there is no fantasy or play acting in God. There is no unreality in the Bible. Christians should not deal in any spiritual fantasy. Fantasy is very simply a lie from satan who is the father of lies.
DIVINE HEALING AND DIVINE HEALTH - It is wonderful that God will heal our bodies supernaturally by miracles or over a period of time. However, we need to learn to walk in divine health as a normal part of our lives. To walk in divine health requires taking care of our bodies and walking blameless before God. Drunkenness and gluttony are the same in the Sight of God. Demonic sex can destroy our bodies and take us to Hell.
BODY AND MIND DELIVERED AND HEALED - You need your body free from diseases and your mind free from demonic emotions. To get free, you must pray that God will heal you, and you cast out the demons that control your emotions and diseases in your body. Healing and DELIVERANCE go hand-in-hand. Many times people do not get healed by prayer because they need their demons cast out. Medicine taken to cure the body is all right if you do not have faith in God to heal you supernaturally.
DELIVERANCE FOR MIND AND BODY - You must deal with the areas of curses, soul ties, occult, false religions and cursed objects to get free. Curses and soul ties must be broken. Occult and false religious ties must be severed. Cursed objects must be destroyed. Then the demons must be cast out. Finally, you must discipline your life so that the demons will not come back into you.
PSYCHIATRISTS, PSYCHOLOGISTS, SOCIAL WORKERS AND MENTAL INSTITUTIONS - There is no need for the whole profession of treating the mind in the Christian world; the heathen have no other source than this profession. The Bible clearly has made provisions for taking care of the mind without drugs. A Christian can deliver and counsel other Christians far more effectively than any heathen worker in the mental field of medicine. Drugs for the mind is a form of sorcery used to control the demons in the mind; do not take these medicines.
INFIRMITY, WEAKNESS, SICKNESS AND DISEASE - Infirmities from weakness to terminal diseases can come from your ancestors; they are transmitted by demons through the blood line. Infirmities can come in through your sins. Arthritis and cancer can come in through unforgiveness and bitterness. You must repent and get right with God, break the curses on you by your ancestors and cast out the demons.
FAMILY - Everyone in the family needs DELIVERANCE. You need to learn to pray for each other and your children. Don't wait for the pastor to do it or it will never get done. The Bible has much scripture about how the godly family should be and the right relationship of the family to God. One of the key areas is to be thankful for what we have and what God is doing in our lives. We must come out of sin and death into holiness and life. It requires a lot of work to be a good homemaker: husband, wife or children.