1. Get involved!
2. Study to show yourself approved by God.
3. Seek God about deliverance.
4. Deliverance is a constant learning process. Satan has spent thousands of years weaving a very complicated system to trap you and take you to Hell or cause you to live a miserable Christian life here on earth.
1. Get Experience - start casting out demons and get involved.
2. Study Bible - use a concordance and study Gospels mainly.
3. Fast and pray - seek the Lord about your problems.
4. Study deliverance books - learn as much as you can.
5. Study books on the mind, will and emotions.
6. Go to deliverance meetings - participate in teaching and ministry: mass, small groups and individuals.
7. Study Satan from a Christian viewpoint - to see how he is trying to destroy you, your family and your church.
8. Emphasize practical methods - put the Bible to work.
9. Clean out your house - get rid of demonic objects.
10. Be persistent - keep after the demons in an area of your life until you are successful.
11. Learn to research a subject - use encyclopedias, dictionaries, medical and psychiatric books.
12. Learn the three phases of deliverance:
How to Determine the Need for Deliverance
How go Get Delivered
How to Stay Delivered