1. Personal Prayers
1. Basic Deliverance
2. Advanced Deliverance
3. Lists of Demons
1. General
2. If The Demons Do Not Leave
3. Scripture
4. Casting Out
This lesson applies to a group of any size; there is no limit on the number of people that can be ministered to. Anyone that can hear your voice, can be delivered. It is organized primarily for mass deliverance of a group.
However, it is also applicable to personal deliverance. You could look at personal deliverance as mass deliverance for a person such as a man, woman or child, or a few persons such as a couple or family. Select the parts of the lesson that are applicable to the people that are being ministered to. For more information on how to minister to a few persons, see How To Do Deliverance in the HOW TO DO DELIVERANCE MANUAL.
Personal Prayers
The ideal prayer is the one prayed by the individual to cover that person's life. Pray out loud for the most power in the spirit world. Get the individual to pray about their specific problems and sins. You must personally repent of your sins! No one can repent for you.
There are many good deliverance prayers that have been written. Some of these prayers are general and some are for specific subjects. The next best prayer is the form prayer which the person or group repeats after the deliverance leader or reads from the printed prayer.
The prayers found in PRAYERS AND LISTS OF DEMONS FOR INDIVIDUAL AND MASS DELIVERANCE have been used many times by us and others. They have produced good results. One side benefit is that the people can see what is wrong and evil in their lives by what is contained in the prayers. These prayers can be used for individuals, small groups or large groups equally well.
If you are working in mass deliverance, lead the group in praying the form prayers. Lead congregation through these scriptures, prayers and commands as fits the situation and as led by THE HOLY SPIRIT. THE BLOOD OF JESUS will cleanse the people, and take away legal rights and grounds that the demons have to remain. Then demons can be cast out.
How To Get Delivered
Relax and cooperate with the deliverance minister and workers. There is nothing to be afraid of. GOD never gives a spirit of fear; all fear is from Satan. We have not lost a deliveree in thirty years of ministry.
Demons are like air. They are usually expelled by the exhaling of breath. This can be by yawning, coughing, deep breathing or gentle exhaling. It is good to take several deep breaths to help get the deliverance started.
Demons can have nests in the body which have substance. They are usually expelled by blowing the nose or coughing up phlegm. Don't feel bad when this happens.
For instance, it is beautiful to see a cancer vomited out of a person during deliverance. I sat at his feet and watched Win Worley deliver a woman from cancer at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. Paper towels and waste cans may be provided for this reason.
Demons can temporarily take over your body and manifest their characteristics. They can look through your eyes, talk using your voice, cause the body to assume various shapes, temporarily paralyze the body, and throw the body on the floor and cause it to squirm around.
Deliverance is the casting out of demons from your body. Prayer is the infilling of THE HOLY SPIRIT. Leave the passages open so that the spirits can leave.
Do not pray, pray in tongues or chant. Chanting is the repetition of a word or phrase such as saying JESUS repeatedly.
Decide that you want to get rid of the demons within your body. You no longer agree with them and they no longer will be your pets. Exercise your mind and will to be delivered. If the demons do not leave, command them, by name, to go. Do this verbally, out loud, for more power.
Do not hold back or be embarrassed. As they come up and out of your chest, let them go even if you have to spit or vomit. It is all right even if they take over some part of your body. If you have too much pride to let the demons manifest to get delivered, you give the demons a right to stay. GOD hates pride; it is an abomination to Him!
Deliverance workers should move around quietly. Provide paper towels to those who need them. Lay hands on those who are having trouble, agree with them, and command the demons to come out.
Do not start a conversation with the person during mass deliverance. This interrupts the flow of the deliverance; you then have your own private meeting.
Deliverance is not prayer. You command the demons to go in JESUS' NAME. He will not cast the demons out. He has given us that authority and He expects us to use it.
Babies and children generally get delivered easily. Babies can even get delivered in the womb. Women generally manifest more than men do. Women usually get into and out of spiritual trouble more quickly than men. Men generally get delivered by the simple exhaling of the breath. The more a person is in bondage, the greater the manifestations will be.
Deliverance is dynamic and exciting. It is wonderful to see people getting free from demon bondage. JESUS CHRIST as glorified when Satan is defeated by Christians here on earth.
Families should sit together. Husbands are the most effective in casting demons out of their family because they are given spiritual authority over it. This authority is even greater than that of the deliverance minister because it is given by GOD to the husband to be priest and head of the home.
It is not the loudness of a command that moves the demon but the authority of THE NAME AND BLOOD OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. You must know your authority or the demons will recognize your weakness. Every Christian has authority to cast out demons in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. By initiating young, interested believers into the battle for deliverance, they soon become seasoned soldiers, learning tactics on the battlefield. Small children who are Christians can cast out demons.
Basic Deliverance
Start with casting out families of demons that comprise basic deliverance: Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion in that order. People get rejected, become bitter and then rebel.
Advanced Deliverance
After basic deliverance, go on to other demonic families. The list of names of demons seems to be endless. There is a name of a demon for everything that is contrary to THE WORD OF GOD. Call the demon out by his characteristic or personality. Demons will answer to their medical names, common names, symptoms or names they are given in the spiritual world.
Lists of Demons
Refer to the DELIVERANCE MANUAL, Mass Deliverance Manual, page 271 for a Table of Contents of the Lists of Demons. Use these lists with the lessons or as needed.
The only way for deliverance to spread around the world is for many Christians to begin to practice deliverance. I encourage you to take this guide, begin to practice deliverance and help others as you grow stronger.
Mass deliverance is simply deliverance for everyone that can hear your voice. You can use this lesson for your family, prayer meeting or church. Normally we only work on one area of a person's life at a time in mass deliverance. We do not try to cover all areas. If you are thirty years old, I would say that you have spent thirty years and nine months collecting demons.
There is nothing mysterious about deliverance; any Christian can cast out demons. As a teacher, I am worthless if I can not show you how to practice what I teach. The Bible is also worthless unless you put it into practice.
Practice systematic deliverance: basic to advanced to mass. Work on one area of a person's life at a time in mass deliverance. You can not cast out all of the demons at one time! The deeper the pit that the person and their ancestors have dug, the longer it takes to climb up out of the pit.
Pray deliverance prayers - break Biblical curses and soul ties - renounce occult and false religions - loose Godly Spirits - destroy or exorcise cursed objects - make positive confessions in CHRIST - read deliverance Scripture - do anything else that THE HOLY SPIRIT tells you to do.
If The Demons Do Not Leave
No demon can resist THE NAME OF JESUS or disobey THE WORD OF GOD when they are being used properly in deliverance. If this happens, then they have a legal right before GOD to remain.
You must search out this legal right and remove it. The person being ministered to must do their part! Generally, the right to remain has to do with what other people have done to that person or what that person has done to their self. The most common ground is unforgiveness. Other common grounds are sins of ancestors or anyone who had authority over that person, or the personal sins of that person.
If the demons do not leave, find out what their legal right is and remove it. Ask GOD what it is, force the demon to tell you and/or ask the person what sin they or their ancestors committed to get them in that trouble.
Read deliverance Scripture out loud to the spiritual world. I have marked my Bible with deliverance scriptures that I read when resistance by the demons is encountered. There are many Scriptures that can be used in the Old and New Testaments. Two scriptures follow as examples:
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty thru GOD to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against GOD (II Cor. 10:4).
No weapon formed against thee will prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD (Isa. 54:17).
1. People may bind demons but they do not cast them out. If you only bind the demons, they stay within the person. Binding only lasts for a short period, say 24 hours. The bottom line of deliverance is the casting out of demons.
2. You need to identify or expose the primary problem and deal with it in prayer before trying to cast out. Otherwise this results in partial or superficial deliverance, if any at all.
3. You have to go through the proper steps to achieve success such as the Six Steps To Deliverance Of An Individual.
4. Soul ties need to be broken. It is good to ask GOD to restore a persons soul where it has been fragmented by soul ties to others.
5. When the demons come out, they go into the dry places. There is some possibilities of sending them to the Abyss or Tartarus.
6. Demons have names. It is more powerful to call out a demon by its name or at least some characteristic of its actions.
7. There is a name of a demon for everything that is contrary to THE WORD OF GOD. This is the easy way of identifying a demon.
8. It is good to have the person take several deep breaths at different times to expel the demons. This gets the person involved with their deliverance.
9. Demons come out different ways but generally by the exhaling of breath when they have no legal right to be within a person.
10. If demons have a legal right to stay, they may become violent or not come out.
1. Teach one lesson or several lessons.
2. Customize the deliverance around what was taught.
3. Deliverance Warfare Prayers - These can be used in various ways as indicated by the subtitles.
4. Moodys' Prayers - These are good combination prayers.
5. Deliverance Prayers With Lists - These can be used in various ways as indicated by the subtitles.
6. Tactics To Win The War Against Satan - These can be used to drive out demons.
7. Tormenting Demons - These are used to torment the demons with their impending doom by using statements based on Scripture and using scriptural quotations as a weapon to drive out demons.
8. Prayers and Lists of Demons for Mass Deliverance - These are lists to be used for mass deliverance in various ways as indicated by the subtitles. Other lists are found in the Mass Deliverance Manual of the DELIVERANCE MANUAL.
9. Customize the deliverance to the situation that is presented. There are many factors to be considered such as time allowed, sequence of events and spiritual climate.
10. Sequence of Events
1. Teach - Teach one or more lessons.
2. Pray - Have the people stand up and repeat after you the following prayers that you have selected.
3. Cast Out - Cast out the demons in mass deliverance from selected lists of demons. It is good to start with Basic Deliverance of the families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion, and then go on to other families. A good list to use always is Fifty-Three Common Demon Families.
4. Deliverance Manual - There are many lists of demons in the manual. The lists can be selected by topic being taught to the people or with the lesson in the Deliverance Manual.
5. Audios and Videos - An excellent tape is Mass Deliverance by Win Worley. There are audio and video tapes that have mass deliverance on them after teaching about various topics.
Deliverance Manual by Gene and Earline Moody
Pigs In The Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond