I felt like GOD told Earline and me to teach Christians around the world how to do deliverance. The ten deliverance manuals are written as how-to-do-it-books and are my main teaching aids. The primary book is the DELIVERANCE MANUAL which took Earline and me twenty years to write: a productive year of my life and a productive year of her life. SPIRITUAL WARFARE MANUAL, HOW TO DO DELIVERANCE MANUAL, SEXUAL DELIVERANCE MANUAL, WITCHCRAFT DELIVERANCE MANUAL, CURSES DELIVERANCE MANUAL, HEALING DELIVERANCE MANUAL, SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYER BOOK , MINI DELIVERANCE MANUAL, END TIME MANUAL AND PRAYER MANUAL are the notebook deliverance manuals.
The format is scripture, lesson, prayer and list of demons. Take the people through the scripture references, the written lesson, have them stand up and pray the prayer out loud, and cast out the demons in mass deliverance.
The lessons are already worked out. All you have to do is to choose what you want to teach about. You can do this by yourself or with your family, group or church.
Mass deliverance is simply calling out demons from a group of Christians of any size. It can be in any location: home, church, hotel/motel, jail/prison or anywhere Christians are congregating. Take away the legal right of the demons before casting out or the demons may get violent.
First teach, take people through the prayer, then cast out demons. After the service, counsel and pray for individuals. Any Christian can do this with the help of the nine deliverance manuals.
There are alternatives to the ministry. You can go through the above procedure with or without mass deliverance. After the teaching, people can line up for individual prayer; I do what I call the five-minute prayer for deliverance and healing.
You can allow the people to ask questions during the lesson or after the lesson. You can allow them to make comments but not preach. GOD may have some special ministry for you to do during or after the teaching. Be led by The Holy Spirit.
Set a schedule for the seminar by the hour for personal ministry, eating and group ministry. If there are not too many people, allow an hour per person. If there are more people than time, allow thirty minutes per person. Deliverance can even be done in fifteen minutes in an emergency. You are going to work on what the person asks, not their whole life. You do what you can to help the person in the time you have. Deliverance is a process and way of life, not a grand event.
Find a comfortable room to minister in with a restroom nearby. There needs to be space for a number of people and some privacy for the person.
Start the personal ministry with the leader of the church or group praying for the day. Anoint with oil symbolic of The Holy Spirit. Ask the person what they want ministry for. Keep notes on a pad and give this to the person after the session to maintain their confidentiality. Have the person pray about what they have told you. Lay hands on the head and cast out the demons. Pray for the healing of the body and soul. Ask the person how they are feeling and what happened in deliverance. It is interesting to see what happened inside and outside of the person. External manifestations you can observe; most internally manifestations you can not.
When I have people working with me, they become my assistants, witnesses, prayer partners, learners and helpers. They are being taught to be a part of or to lead deliverance teams. They observe that everything is decent and in godly order. They pray silently or softly outloud, in English or Other Tongues, to to backup and support the leader. They help by laying hands on women or men in appropriate places: women on women and men on men. They are to interrupt the leader and tell him or her what THE HOLY SPIRIT is saying to do: pray, cast out a specific demon or family of demons, read Scripture or some other function.
The deliverance team needs a leader who directs and coordinates the deliverance. If it is a large team, it can have assistant leaders. Some demons do not come out easily and may take some time to drive out. If the leader becomes tired, then an assistant leader can take over. Everyone submits to the leader and does what is asked. Everyone is to be in agreement with the leader for spiritual power. They wait on THE LORD for discernment and instructions. Follow the leader in what demons or families are being cast out.
Generally the person does not have to be held if the legal rights have been taken away from the demon. Sometimes an angel holds the person to prevent violence to the person and those ministering. If violence occurs, then the team should call on THE LORD for restraint and spiritually bind the person. If necessary the team members will physically restrain the person.
Avoid strife and envy among team workers. GOD uses one and then another in most deliverance sessions. Often a heavy anointing is on one person in the team while praying for an individual, and then the anointing shifts to another during the same session or one following soon thereafter.
You can minister to anyone in the world over the telephone. You can touch the lives of people around the world in a few hours on the telephone and watch The Holy Spirit spread deliverance. I can not travel to every person or have them travel to me. The Holy Spirit can then move in that persons life and spread deliverance in that area. It is gratifying to see what GOD will do. Here again, the key is to take away the legal rights of the demons before casting out. I normally minister by appointment at 7:30 p.m. onward during Monday through Friday.
You can invite people into your home for deliverance. I minister to men or couples by myself. I minister to a woman with a witness present. I have never asked Christians to sign a legal release in over thirty years of ministry. I believe that GOD protects me when I keep things decent and in order according to The Holy Bible. I have invited people into my home during the week and over the weekends by appointment.
Stan and Elizabeth have an internet site, where they have our nine deliverance manuals. The site has touched the lives of over seven million people around the world. Our website is which was setup by Elijah Hughes.
I travel to local, national and international sites to minister. The ministry is primarily deliverance with healing or other topics as requested. I primarily travel around the United States with some trips overseas.
Over the Internet and telephone; in the mail and home: local, national and international travel, mass and personal deliverance are types of ministry. When I travel, the ministry consists generally of two things: teaching and personal ministry. My main goal is to teach people around the world how to do deliverance. I do personal ministry primarily to set people free but also to teach them how to do personal ministry. I mail packages around the world containing deliverance material. I consider my congregation to be the whole world. Every Christian is a minister, has a ministry and one or more gifts of The Holy Spirit.
My functions include licensed and ordained minister, apostle, teacher, writer, counselor, spiritual father and grandfather, apostle of churches, and pastor of pastors. I believe that GOD told me that I am one of the fathers and pioneers of modern deliverance. I have been told that I have Derek Prince mantle and anointing.
My goal is to help Christians fulfill their ministry and especially help those with deliverance and healing. I license and ordain ministers. I counsel with the five-fold ministry and consider it an honor to help ministers do their job. They can come to me without being concerned with competition. I maintain their confidentiality.
And as ye go, preach, saying, The Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give (Mark 10:7-8). This is my motto and I love to sing the chorus. I believe that deliverance should be freely given. I do not charge for ministry. GOD told me to take any offering that a person presents so that he could bless that person or organization.