Help with a Ghost and a Haunting


Purchase a King James Bible . Study the Bible. 

Do not under any circumstances talk to the spirits or allow anyone else to do so. Do not use candles or pray to anyone other than to the Father in Jesus Name and do not use a Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, call a psychic or medium or a paranormal investigator.

You do not need to call anyone such as a paranormal investigator , psychic or exorcist to help. If you need to prove a haunting so you can sue , get your rent back or get out of a lease , you can take pictures or video and take it to court.

You experience a Haunting when:

1. You hear voices,footsteps or see cabinets and doors open.
2. Flies appear in the winter especially near the window
3. Smell odd odors
4. You see spirits that appear to be human.These spirits appear to be human, but are demons. Demons do this to deceive you and hope you won't put a stop to the haunting. I will prove this point in my book,

Hauntings Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself Author Helena V. Garilano

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You cannot ignore the spirits or close off a room you think they
might be in because they will cause problems you may not recognize, if you don't know how they operate. These spirits can cause mental and physical illness.

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Hauntings :Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself by Author Helena V. Garilano

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The entire book is filled with Scripture and gives warning to all Christians that you must do House Deliverance. Jesus commands all Christians to cast out demons! Everyone's house and land needs Deliverance from demons. If you are a Christian it is important for you to learn how demons operate in your home and land.