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Air, Excrement, Medicine, Aloneness, Eyes, Metals, Animals, Failure, Meteors, Anything New, Fatigue, Mice, Bacilli, Fearing, Mind, Bad Men, Feathers, Mirror, Barren Space, Female Genitals, Missiles, Bearing a Deformed Child, Fever, Moisture, Bees, Filth, Money, Birds, Filth, Personal, Motion, Blood, Fire, Myths, Blushing, Fish, Naked Body, Brain Disease, Floods, Name,Bridges, Fog, Needles, Burglars, Food, Negroes, Buried Alive, Forest, Night, Cats, Frogs, Northern Lights, Change, Functioning, Novelty, Childbirth, Ghosts, Odor, Choking, Girls, Odor, Personal, Cold, Glass, Open Space, Color, God, Pain, Comet, Gravity, Parasites, Confinement, Hair, People,Contamination, Heat, Place, Corpses, Height, Pleasure, Crossing Streets, Hell, Points, Crowds, Heredity, Poison, Dampness, High Objects, Poverty, Darkness, House, Precipices, Dawn, Ideas, Punishment, Daylight, Infinity, Rabies, Death, Injury, Railroad or Train,Defecation, Innovation, Rain, Definite Disease, Insanity, Rectal Excreta, Deformity, Insects, Rectum, Demons, Jealousy, Red, Depth, Justice, Responsibility, Devil, Knife, Ridicule, Dirt, Large Objects, Right, Disease, Left, River, Dogs, Light, Robbers, Dolls, Lightning, Rod, Dust, Locked In, Being, Ruin, Eating, Looked At, Being, Sacred Things, Electricity, Machinery, Scabies,Emptiness, Man, School, Enclosed, Being, Many Things, Scratches, Everything, Marriage, Sea, Examination, Materialism, Self, Semen, Speaking Aloud, Thunder, Sex, Spider, Time, Sexual Intercourse, Stairs, Touched, Being,Shock, Standing Up, Travel, Sin, Standing Up " Walking, Trembling, Sinning, Stars, Trichinosis, Sitting, Stealing, Tuberculosis, Sitting Down, Stillness, Vaccination, Skin Disease, Stories, Vehicle, Skin Lesion, Strangers, Venereal Disease, Skin of Animals, Street, Void, Sleep, String, Vomiting, Small Objects, Sunlight, Walking,Smothering, Symbolism, Water, Snake, Syphilis, Weakness,Snow, Talking, Wind, Solitude, Tapeworms, Women, Sound, Taste, Hearing Certain Words, Sourness, Teeth, Speaking, Thinking, Work, Writing,
Lover's of Self, Utterly Self-centered, Inordinate Greedy Desire for Wealth, Proud, Arrogant, Contemptuous Boasters, Abusive, Blasphemous Scoffers, Disobedient to Parents, Ungrateful, Unholy, Profane, Without Natural Affection, Callous / Inhuman, Relentless, False Accusers, Trouble Makers, Intemperate, Loose in Morals and Conduct,Uncontrollable, Fierce, Haters of Good, Treacherous / Betrayers, Rash, Inflated with Self-conceit, Lovers of Sensual Pleasures, Lovers of Vain Amusements, Having a Form of Godlessness, Denying the Power of God, Strangers to God, Weak Natured / Spiritually Dwarfed, Easily Swayed / Silly, Evil Desires, Seductive Impulses, Inquiring Never Acquiring, Depraved Minds, Distorted Minds, Counterfeit, Rash Folly, Wicked Men, Imposters, Deceivers, Leading Astray, Lazy, Unorganized, Spiritual fantasy, Wrong Priorities, Witchcraft, Drugs, Rock Music, Ungodly Sex, Satan Worship, Bastard, Incest, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Divorce, Adultery, Harlotry,Prostitution, Homosexual, Pride, Willing Deceivers,Disobedient to God, Dishonoring Parents, Stubbornness, Bestiality, Striking Parents, Cursing Parents, Jezebel, Ahab,Turning Someone from God, Not Properly Disciplining Children, Sexual Sins, Offending Children Who Believe,
Unforgiveness, Rejection, Rebellion, Fear of Rejection, Self-Will,Self Rejection, Stubbornness, Rejection of Others, Disobedience,Anti-Submissiveness, Root of Bitterness, Depression, Resentment, Despair, Hatred, Disgust, Unforgiveness, Despondency,Violence Toward Self, Discouragement, Violence Toward Others, Defeatism,Temper, Dejection, Anger, Hopelessness, Rage, Envy, Murder, Distrust, Grief, Selfishness,Suicide, Fantasy, Death, Unreality, Insomnia, Spite,Wrath, Hateful, Malice, Hatred, Bitter Wailing, Deceit, Bitterness of Death,
Escape, Confusion, Indifference, Frustration, Stoicism, Incoherence, Passivity, Lying Spirits, Sleepiness, Guilt,Alcohol, Self-Hatred, Drugs, Condemnation,Indifference, Shame, Listlessness, Unworthiness, Lethargy, Embarrassment, Weariness, Pressure, Tiredness, Railing,Laziness, Confrontation,
Doubt, Disease, Doubting God's Word, Cancer, Indecision, Ulcers, Indifference, Arthritis, Self-Deception,
Grief, Worry, Sorrow, Anxiety, Heartache, Fear, Crying, Dread, Sadness, Apprehension, Cruel, Restlessness, Burdens, Roving, Oppressive Grief, Pain of Mind, Pain of Emotions, Regret, Suffering Spirits, Distress, Heaviness, Cursing, Morbidity,
Ill-Will, Lack of Christian Charity, Get one's back up, Opposition, Trying to imitate, Get in one's hair, Grudge, One who divides homes/church Keep at boiling point, Malice, Dubious, Make one blow his top, Prejudice, Distrustful, Eruption (get in a huff), Debate, Skeptic, Apoplexy (bad veins), Yellow Jaundice, Indignation, Fume and sputter,Backbiting, Annoyance, Fail at, Covetousness, Tantrum, Fulminate, Spiteful, Enmity, Have a Tantrum, Flare up, Murder, Provoking, Go on the warpath, Non-Conformist, Despise,Go into orbit, Full of Doubts, Evil-surmisings, Look black, Without faith, Corrupt, Become Insane, Peculiar, Disobedient,Hatred, Fury and Temper, Deceiving, Wrath, Impatience, Lies,Proud, Violence, Adultery, Froward, Fretful, Guile, Whisperer, Out of Humor, Evil-Speaking, Meddling, Get one's goat, Contentions, Foolish, Get one's dander up, Selfishness,Scorner, Stir up a hornet's nest Greedy, Reproach, Rage and Outbursts, Competitive, Contradicting, Bitterness, Evil Eye,Lewd, Hemorrhage, Looks that kill, Rioting, Yell and Scream, Pairing off, Drunkenness, Boil Over, Anger - Rage, Chambering, Seethe, Revenge - Wrath, Wantonness, Have a fit, Quarrel - Hostile, Tumults, Bristle Up, Ultraminiature, Riflings, Gnash one's teeth, Abnormal-Rebel, Disputings, Fly off the handle, Suspicious,Earthly, Snap the mind/go mad, Unbelief, Sensual, Crack Up, Out of line, Devilish, Meddleth, Displeasure, Confusion, Forcing, Vexation, Evil-Works, Vainglory, Frenzy,Wars, Unlearned, Sharpness, Fightings, Opposition, Gall, Chafe, ruffle, Condemnation, Leprosy, Make the fur fly, Hypocrisy, Silliness, Make bad blood, Ought, Rottenness, Make sore,Discontentment, Shame, Hysterics, Lusting, Blasphemies, Irritate, Hard feelings, Boasting, To Rant, Cravings, Desolation, Roar, Resentments, Assault, Shake and Quiver,Rivalry, Deceit, Scold, Strife, Malignity, Fly apart, Controversy, Divisions, Carry on, Quarrel, Carnality, Raise the Devil, Hateful, Swellings, Stamp with rage, Furious, Provoking, Look daggers, Bitterness, False Teaching, Arrogance, Resentment, Indecision, Voluptuousness, Withdrawal, Lying, Vengeance, Deceit, Lies, Root of Bitterness,Anger, Folly, Raking, Retaliation, Dishonesty, Wrath, Revenge, Bribery, Grudge, Hurt, Hate, False witness, Guilt, Piousness, Sowing discord, Unforgiveness, Hypocrisy, Plotting Evil, Cancer, Divorce, Pretense,Arthritis, Cruelty, False Glory, Idol Worship, Licentiousness, Swearing, Graven Images, Sexual Sin, Vulgarity,Sacrifice Children, Wantonness, Corruption, Pride, Haughtiness, judgmental,Violence, Murder, False rebuke,
Idol Worship, Saturn, Occult Practices, Oannes, Image of Jealousy, Janus, Halloween, Joannes, Chambers of Imagery, Druids, Wicked Spirits, Fairies, Mourners for Tammuz, Sacred Oaks, Queen of Heaven, Elves, Sun Worship, Charms, Baal, Ego, Idolatry, Misleading Children, Jack-0-Lantern, Astarte, Heathen Worship, Eroticism, Haunted Houses, May Pole, Unclean Things, Lust, Rebellion, Ishtar, Falsity, Conception in Lust, Unclean Spirits, Sun God, Pagan Rituals, St. Patrick, Devil's Colors, Liber, Witchcraft, Necromancy, Reveling, Ostera, Familiar Spirits, Abstinence of Lent, Reign of Evil, Tammuz, Witches/Wizards, False Healing Powers, Easter, Adonis,Abominations, Eastre, Futility, Bacchus, Soothsaying, Satan Worship, Fear, Nimrod, Demonic Images, Casting Spells, Mass for Christ, Santa Claus, False Worship, Fertility Symbols, Diana of Euphrates, Sacred Egg, Divination, Asiris Eucharist, Vanity, Sorcery,Worship of Rabbit, Hot Cross Buns, Dead Stock of Nimrod, Pride, Occult Supernatural, Hate, Envy, Greed, Bragging, Selfishness, Fantasy, Cruel, Evil Competition, Harshness, Laziness, Pouting, Demonic Manipulation, Violence, Embarrassment, Shame, Hurt, Depression, Disappointment, Lying, Doubt, Distrust, Ahab, Jezebel , Traditions, Fear Of Failing, Fear, Unhappiness,Wanting, Confusion, Pressure, Negative,
Sacrifice to Satan; Worship of Firs, Cedars and Oaks; Honoring Dead Saints; Goddess of Flowers (Flora); Blessed Palm, Willow " Olive; Black Sabbath Mass; Transubstantiation; Saturn Worship (Saturnalia); Goddess of Rising Light of Day; Lord of Dead (Shamhain); Mother of Mercury (Maia)
Rejection, Escape, Fear of Rejection, Drugs: Street and Prescription, Demonic Subjection, Alcohol, Self Rejection and Hatred, Over Sleeping, Rejection of Others, Indifferent, Rejection of God, Stoicism, Bitterness, Lethargy, Resentment, Depression,Hatred, Despair, Unforgiveness Toward Self, Despondency,Unforgiveness Toward Others, Discouragement, Unforgiveness Toward God, Defeat, Temper, Hopelessness, Violence, Morbid,Rage, Gloom, Anger, Disgust,Retaliation, Heaviness, Murder, Evil Spirit of Unbelief,Abortion, Occult, Suicide, ESP, Rebellion, Hypnotism,Self-will, Horoscope - Astrology, Stubbornness, Levitations, Disobedience, Fortune Telling, Anti-Submission, Tarot Cards - Tea leaf Reading, Strife in Family, Witchcraft - Black and White Magic, Quarreling, Conjuration, Fighting: Physical and Verbal, Soul Travel, Demonic Domination, Charms, Fetishes, Talisman, Amulets,Self-Idolatry, Self-Worship, Humanism, Man is God,Demonic Denomination, One-World Government, Idol Worship, One-World Money, Witchcraft, New Age Movement, Deception, Irresponsibly, Stupor, Evaluation, Anti-God, Situational Ethics, Anti-Salvation, Can't Comprehend, Anti-Bible, Denial, Anti-Christ, Denying God's Protection, Anti-Salvation by Jesus, Denying God's Provision, Lies and Lying, Denying God's Love, Human Reasonings, Denying God's Presence, Stupid Imaginations, Denying God Provided Man with a Spirit, Vain Imaginations, Denying that God is Supernatural, Anti-Godly Supernatural, Denying True Worship of God, Worship of: - Denying Prayer and Power of Prayer,Medicine - Denying God Will Answer Prayer, Demons - Denying Religious Emotions, Science - Denying Godly Hope, Man's Reason - Unreasonableness, Man's Intellect - False Religions,Self - Buddhism, Pride - Taoism, Ego, Vanity - New Age, Man's Ideas - Hinduism, Aggression: - Islam, Against God, Shintoism, Against Others, Confucianism and Ancestor Worship, Against God's Law, Masons, Violence, Pantheism, Hate, God and Goddess Worship, Envy, Unnatural Affections, Empty Headed Fool, Unreal Expectations, Lust of the Eye, Wishful Thinking Greed, Hateful Thinking,Covetousness, Demonic Domination, Fervent and Uncontrollable Desire, Unreal Hopes, Conquest for "Good Life", Socialism,Envy, Pride of Life, Pleasure, Self-Righteousness,Grasping, Self-Realization, Lust of the Flesh, Self-Fulfillment, Over Indulgent Food, Things, Etc., Self-Worship, Self Gratification, Self-Glorification, Comfort, Compromise, Self Seduction, Demonic Domination,Effeminate Life:, Haughty, Soft, Pampered, Weakness, Delicacy, Vain,Unmanly, Decadent, Decline in Force, Pride, Decline in Morals, Decay, Rot, Ego, Adultery, Hard Hearted, Fornication, Calloused, Sodomy, Vain Imagination, Demonic Sex, Shedding Innocent Blood,Deviate Sex, Abortion, Perverted, Murder,Pornography, Euthanasia, Homosexual, Infanticide,Divorce, Infirm Demons, Passivity,
Babylonia and Assyria, Egyptian, Ishtar - goddess of propagation, Amun-Re - sun god, Tammuz - husband of Ishtar, Aton - solar disc, Dagon - father of Baal, Isia - fertility, Anath - virgin goddess of fertility, Astarte, An - shy god, Osiris - agricultural deity, En-Ul - wind god, Horus, Enki - earth and water god, Nut, Seb, Set, Temu, Tefnut, Ningal - mother goddess, Shu, Ptah, Knum, Hathur, Sobek, Namuzi - Tammuz, Utu - sun god, Canaan, Nannar - moon god, El - unbridled tyrant, Marduk - chief god of Babylon, Baal - god of the storm, Ashur - principal god of Assyrians, Melcarth, Nabu - patron of learning, Koshar - the vulcan, Nergal - god of war and underworld, Hauron - shepherd god, Nusqu, Mot - god of death, Sin - moon god, Shapash - sun goddess Shamash- sun god, Venus, Adonis,
False Gods,
ADRAM'MELECH (Adad-Milki) (Hadad) - Adar is king; burned children in the fire. ANAM'MELECH (Ann is King) - God of the sky; burned children in fire. ASH'IMA - God of Hammath. A'SHER'AH (ASHERIM) - Pagan goddess (Asherat - Lady of the eat and consort of El) (Qudshu - holiness) (Astouth - Asterte - Anath) (Qedishim - sodomites) (Ashtoroth - Asherah - Anathoth) ASH'TORETH (Astorte)- Goddess (Athter - Ishtar - Asherah - Anat - Ashtortu, Athten, Athtert), goddess of sensual love. ASTAR'TE - Greek name for Ashtoreth. BAAL - Master, lord (sin of El) (Baal-ged; lord of good fortune) (Baal- hummen, Baal-hazer, Baal-meon, Baal-peer, Baal-Tamar) (Most common name of idols in Bible) BAAL-BERITH - Lord of the covenant (El-berith) BA'ALIM - (Baal-shamen, Baal-melkart, Baal-Saphin, Baal-Berith, Baal-Peor, Baal- Tebuh) BAAL-PEOR -licentious worship (Chemosh) BAAL-ZEBUB - producer of flies BEL - lord BERITH - see Baal-berith CALF WORSHIP CAS'TOR and POL'LUX - horse tamer and master of the art of boxing CHE'MOSH - children were sacrificed in the fire. CHI'UN - star god DA'GON - god of grain DIA'NA - goddess GAD - god of good fortune JU'PITER - highest god in heaven MAL'CHAM - their king ME'NI - god of destiny or fortune MER'CURY - god of commerce MERO'DACH - head god of Babylon MIL'COM - national god of Ammorites MO'LECH - sacrifice of children (Found in women who have had an abortion.) MO'LOCH - (Molech) (Notice different spellings of same idol.) NE'BO - god of wisdom and literature NEHUSH'TAN - brazen thing NER'GAL - sun god NIB'HAZ - idol worshipped by Amvites NISROCH - god POL'LUX - (see Castor)REPHAN - the star of the god Rephan RIM-MON - sun god SATYR - demonic creaturesSIC'CUTH- stellar deity SUC'COTH-BENOTH - supreme orbiter of the worldTAM'MUZ - god of pasture and flocks TAR'TAK - heathen deity
SUCCOTH-BENOTH - idolatrous tents for impure purposes NERGAL-SHAREZER- a CUTHITE deity, fire prince, the war god of men of Cuth ASHIMA - a deity of HAMATHNIBHAZ - a deity of the AVITES in the form of a god-headed man. TARTAK - a deity of the AVITES in the form of an ass, hero of darkness (prince) ADRAMMELECH - The name of an Assyrian idol - burned children, female power of sun. ANAMMELECH - An Assyrian deity - burned children in the fire, self-torture and human offerings BAAL (etc.) - a PHOENICIAN deity - master, possessor, "male deity". ASHERIM- type of abounding fertility MOLECH (etc.)-fire god, chief deity of the AMMONITES - counsellorNISROCK - a BABYLONIAN idol - great eagle - human form with eagle's head.ASHERAH - (ASHTAROTH) - star worship? by BASHANITES NEHUSHTAN- the copper servant of the desert - brazen serpent ASHTORETH- chief "female deity" of PHOENICIANS - star goddess of love APIS - golden calves SAKKUTH, KEWAN, BAAL-PEOR BAAL, ASTAROTH BACCHUS - Mardi Gras
Alcoholic spirits (especially firewater " whiskey), Eagle, Estsanatlehi - old woman who rejuvenates self, Akeyla (Sun God), Astrology, Earth monster - Tlalaltecuhtli,Anger, Anti-Christ, Hiawatha - glandular malfunctions, swelling, Aiy,Ancestor Gods, Father sky, Amulets, Fox spirit (makes a witch pass thru fire), Batgod - Jaguar, Buffalo, Fireside dancer,Buffalo child (croaton), Fear of lack of provision, Blood thirsty, False prophecy thru money, Break curse of loss of prosperity, False Indian prophecy, False tongues, Blood brothers " sisters, Feathers, (break ties), Firebird, Baby Pow, Firegod - Xiutechli, Baby Pow Reincarnation, Great Buffalo spirit, Baal Worship, God of War (Ojibway), Beads - white meant peace;, God fouls of the air, purple meant war, death, (Ojibway), or mourning, God of the stars (Ojibway),Birdgod - Crocodile, God of herbs of the earth, Bitterness, (Ojibway), Cannibalism (Ojibway, Medicine Man), Great Spirit, Great Lodge, Caribou spirit, God of the harvest, Curse on Arrowhead, God of death (Aztec) associated with group, Curse to cause cutting off, Curse of firstborn to pass thru the fire, Geronimo, God's eye, Child sacrifice, Great Father, Charms - war, health, ward off evil spirits, God of hunting (Ojibway), Greed, Chac (water God), Heavy heart, Drums, Human sacrifice, Dominance, Hoop dance,Dances - owl, charcoal,sun, Horoscopes, snake, duck, chicken, Hatred, horse, fire leaping, fish, Hopa doll, alligator, crow, ghost, Hypnotic trance, buffalo, scalp, Idol worship, Divorce, Incantation, Desertion, Indian Art,Elk Spirits, Indian rituals, Eliminate curse on American Indians, Magic - arrowheads, string, gourd rattles, Earth Mother, rawhide, roots, twigs,berries,beaks of birds, bird wings, pure white, pebbles, turquoise, eagles, blackbirds,peace pipe, Indian artifacts, Mother earth, Indian folklore, Murder,Indian curses, Medicine tipis, Indian pierced ears in women, Mediums, men and children, Necromancy (Ojibway " Cherokee) Indian scalp spirit, Indian pierced ear spirit, Nakedness, Indian spirit of poverty, Order of the Arrow, Indian spirit of bondage, Prayer to the Dead, Indian chants, (Winnebago,Peyote cult),Indian corn, Peyote eating (open to all drug spirits),Indian sorcery, Indian witchcraft (ability - Power over life of animals, to turn oneself into a - Power over death of animals, bear, wolf, fox, owl, - (especially wolf) Crow,snake) - medicine men, Indian Astrology spirits, Peace piper, (believed to be ruling - Peace pipe worship-Calumet, spirits) when a star - Poverty, comes to earth, it is - Pow-wow, believed to change into - Pride, demon. - Priesthood of the Bow,Indian Mythology spirits, Rejection, (for youth), Racoon spirits, Indian spirit of war, Reincarnation, Indian Jezebel, Rain dance, Indian Fireside Humor spirit, Rebellion, (Sioux), Resentment, Indian drumbeat (Voodoo - Retaliation, worship), Religious spirits (prophets, priests) Indian magic spirits,Inherited incest, Regeneration, green corn dance,Indian eye, Knives, Sacrificial pole, Ka-du-te-ta (older women who never die) Sorcery, Snake dance,Kachina doll, Serpent swastika, Long house, Sun worship,Lenelanapa (Indian Macho man), Scout Societies, Masks for dances, Scout Idols,Medicine Bag, Spirit of Happy Hunting, Medicine Lodge, (powerful death spirit), Maid of the Mist, Shamans (medicine man),Moloch, seer, Medicine Man, Superstition, Matolu (chief), Seances (Croaton), Moon worship, Sun Dance (all), Spirit of the Prairie Wolf, Song to the Morning Star, Spirit of the Sun, (Pawnee), Spirit of the Clouds, Si-ka-ma-hi-fi (Elder, Spirit of the Sky, creator spirit, Spirit of the Moon, Hidatsa), Spirit of Animals, Bitterness, Spirit of Trees, Hate, Spirit of Grass, Break Curse of Half Breed, Spirit of Water, Will of Whip, Spirit of Stones, War Whoops, Spirit of Maize, Wolf,Spirit of Maple Syrup in trees Warpath, Spirit of Nature Worship, War God, Spirit Guides, Wigwam (Ojibway), Squirrel Spirits, Thief, Submission to tribal custom, Teepee, Sacrifice to God of the Harvest, Scout Oaths, Sitting Bull, Stooped shoulder,Squash Blossom, Stag, Sweat lodges " puberty rites, Tobacco Spirits - nicotine, cigarettes, cigar, Thunderbird (Eagle, no head, beak full of rows of wolf's teeth, powerful ruling spirit in American Indians) Sisuitl (soul catcher), Totem pole - Spirit of Theclan Thunder God - Ibeorhum, Woe from long march (Mohawk), Six Nations,
Prince, Kings " World Rulers, Accident, Accident Prone, Bone Breaker,Back Breaker, Traumatic Shock, Paralysis, Crippling, Deformity, Atrophy, Depression, Discouragement, Hopelessness, Despair, Suicide, Death, Affliction, Spinal Cord, Scar Tissue, Roots of Infirmity, Shame and Embarrassment, Rebellion " Idolatry, Grief, Troubled Will in Conflict, Resentment " Envy, Disobedience, Curse of Jezebel, Vanity " Pride, Curse of the Law, Acupuncture " Acupressure, Witchcraft " Occult, Envy " Jealousness, Hypnotism " Demonism, Taoism " Pantheism, Reincarnation,Astrology, Psychic/Metaphysical, Spiritual or, Healing, Christian Science,
Tooth Decay, Leukemia, Cancer of Bone, Tuberculous of Bone, Acne, Carbuncles, Skin Cancer, Menstrual Cramps, Diarrhea, Colitis, Cancer of Bowels, Eye Trouble, Bowel Upset, Cancer, Hernia,Kidney Stones, Kidney Failure, Kidney Infection, Kidney Panic, Heart Disturbances, Melancholy (sadness), Scalp Ailments, Falling Hair, Restlessness, Inability to Sleep, Aimlessness, Futility, Pestilence, Consumption (T.B.), Fever, Inflammation, Botch (boils), Madness,Emerods (Hemorrhoids), Blindness, Encephalitis, Schizophrenia, La Tourette Syndrome, Polio, Huntington's Chorea, Muscular Sclerosis, Stroke,Scab (measles, small pox), Spinal Meningitis, St. Vita's Dance, Blasting (prevents growth), Scoliosis, Brutishness (unteachable ignorance), Female Cancer (uncontrollable body odor), Heart Attack (astonishment of heart), Venereal Disease (inflammation of a fungus infection in sex organs),
Diseases Found in the Bible
Ague, Blains, Boils, Blemish, Blindness, Botch,Broken-Handed, Broken-Footed, Bruises, Canker, Crook-Backed, Dropsy, Dwarf, Emerods, Flat Nose, Flux, Gangrene, Halt, Impotent, Infirmity, Inflammation, Issue, Itch, Lameness, Leprosy, Lunacy, Madness,Maimed, Murrain, Palsy, Pestilence, Scab Scall,Scurvy, Sores, Wen, Withered, Worms, Wounds,
Functional Diseases of Body
Meriham (controller - females, allergies), Tiepea (mouth, gums), Woteige (gluttony, body illness, ruler of Octopus), Felus (gluttony), Arcolias (fatness, sins of Sodom and Gomorrah),Lukolias (pain of sternum), Blargy (infection of colon and colon cancer), Bozo (stomach infection), Boice (pancreas), Carpa (stomach nerves), Denemis (Gall Bladder),Hiawatha - Indian (glandular malfunctions and body fluids, swelling), Moxie (chest pains),Monroe (breast cancer under ruler Cerulias - controller), Prince Damulias (right breast),Ruler Arculias (left breast), Taile (lymph glands of breast), Verico (mushroom growth type breast cancer), Colbeck (bone marrow), Upeedes (ear, deafness), Optias (puts parasites and organisms into body), Targa (broken rhythm into heart), Yondacola (blood cancer),Citicizan (convulsions and epilepsy), Rezpan (pituitary glands), Goratus (pituitary glands - violent), Woepe (heart blockage), Csarbolias (foot pain), Pontolias (right foot),Pintolias (left foot), Nickulias (pain in neck), Eraualias (ear infections),
Belfagar (vanity), Contressie (flippancy of emotions), Collodus (stoicism - no feeling),Repanel (controller), Ashtroth (accusation, criticism), Petragrammation (selfishness),Philanfesus (sloth), Felix (self pity, fear of disapproval), Varrier (controller - disobedience against obedience), Vermo (Guilt), Eland (resentment, sorrow), Remus and Remur (cause sleep in spiritual environment), Soonelton (rebellion), Vormo (excessive tiredness),Phonique (play acting, dramatic, choreography), Voltare (game playing, taunting), Boletta (game playing, taunting), Whocarto (over concern of what others think),Puno (blood pressure), Triano (blood pressure), Targa (rapid heartbeat), Woepe (heart blockage),Optias (puts cancer cells into human anatomy),
Body Pain
Condor (controller prince), Artrize (shaking of the body), Colbeck (bone and marrow), Sutias (back pain), Shiton (back pain in spine, serpent - Jean Dixon's snake), Larkopious (knee),Rockalious (knee), Lukolidus (sternum), Damelious (body pain), Sarkolious (pain - energy force - from outer space), Romulious, Nickolious (pain from outer space), Arkilious (radiational force), Taepe (copy demon - copy other characteristics), Pycone (back of neck),Osmodaus (back of neck), Porox (blocks human will), Carbare (ruler of spiritual blockage),Ruschon (fights against Jesus Christ), Morondo (blocks reading of Word),Meganosis (blocks all knowledge), Armenious (false doctrine),
Ingratitude to God, Dishonor of God, Rejection of God " his, Thanklessness, Hatred Towards Gods, dealings with you, Punishment, Discontent, Lying To Self, Cover-Up Lies, Cringing Fear, Ineptness, Fear of Failure, Dishonor of Self, Dishonor of Others, Futility, Foolish Reasonings, Vain/Godless Imaginings, Stupid Speculations, Senseless Minds, Foolishness, Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Wisdom, Idolatry, Sexual Impurity, Homosexuality, Indecency, Incest, (Male or Female), Loathsomeness, Unrighteousness, Iniquity, Guilt, Covetousness, Grasping Greed, Malice, Envy, Jealousy, Murder, Strife, Deceit, Treachery, Ill-will, Cruel Ways, Secret Backbiting, Gossip, Slandering, Hateful to God, Insolence, Arrogance, Boasting, Inventors of Evil, Undutiful To Parents, Having No Understanding, Without Conscience, Faithlessness, Heartlessness, Loneliness, Mercilessness, Fantasy, Poverty in Soul, Poverty of Spirit, Poverty in Body, Poverty in Pocketbook, Want, Lack,Self-centeredness, Insufficiency, Rationalization, Murmuring " Complaining, Proud, Proud, Abusive/Contemptuous, Blasphemous Scoffers, Arrogant " Contemptuous, Disobedient To Parents, Ungrateful, Boasters, Unholy, Profane, Callous and Inhuman, Relentless, Unforgiving, Lacking Natural Affection, Troublemakers, False Accusers, Intemperate, Loose Morals, Fierce, Haters of Good, Treacherous, Betrayers, Rash,Self-conceited, Hypocrites, Lovers of Sexual Pleasures, Anger Towards God, and Vain Amusements,
LIES, DECEIT AND FLATTERY - You can use "Bad Habits of Thinking and Reacting"; "Christian Fantasy - Lies not Truth"; "Common Demon Groupings"; "Hate, Vengeance, Envy and Strife"; and "Self". The following list are characteristics of liars:
Lies, Lying, Prevarication, Equivocation, Paltering, Fibbing, Deceitfulness, Deceptiveness, Trickery, Misleading, Deluding, Beguiling, Dishonesty, Unfairness, Mendacious, Untruthful, Flattery, Feigning, Pride, Ego, Vanity, Falseness, Imprudent, Unwise, Faithless, Cheating, Pretending, Insecurity, Inferiority, Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion, Selfishness, Greediness, Self-Serving, False Witnesses, False Teachers, False Prophets, Fruit of Their Lies, Self-Centered,Spiritual Adultery, Love of Money, Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh,Pride of Life, Compulsive Liar, Christian Fantasy, Affectation, Theatrics, Playacting, Sophistication, Pretension, Self-Inflated,
Scornful, Lying, Palmistry, Destroyer, Cursing, Handwriting Analysis, Fear, Blasphemy, Automatic Handwriting,Death, Criticism, ESP, Poverty, Mockery, Hypnosis,Afflictions, Railing, Horoscopes, Trouble, Gossip, Astrology, Confusion, Fantasy Sex, Divination, Terror, Masturbation, False Doctrine, Hate, Lust, Deceiving, Diseases, Perverseness, Seducing, Distress, Homosexuality, Asceticism,Domination, Fornication, Vegetarianism, Broken Heart, Adultery, Dishonesty, Dismay, Incest, Proudness, Heaviness, Provocativeness, Pornography, Mourning, Harlotry, Unforgiveness,Infirmities, Nicotine, Yoke of Bondage, Sicknesses, Alcohol, Serpents and Scorpions, Stealing, Drugs, Blindness,Murder, Medicines, Retaliation, Doubt, Caffeine, Striving, Condemnation, Addiction to Food, Sinus Trouble, False Gifts, Eastern Religions, Migraine Headaches, Imaginations, Pagan Religions, Negative Confessions, High Things, Philosophies, Principalities, Unclean spirits, Mind Sciences, Powers, Resentment, Yoga Exercises, World Rulers of Darkness, Hatred, Karate, Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness,Anger, Mormonism, Guilt, Rejection, Jehovah's Witnesses, Temptation, Self-Pity, Christian Science, Strongholds, Jealousy, Restrictionist, Imaginations, Depression, Theosophy, High Things,Worry, Unity, Evil Thoughts,Inferiority, Bloodless Religions, Disobedience, Insecurity, Occult, Evil Weapons, Mental Torment, Spiritism, Evil Tongues, Procrastination, Seances, Nets and Pits,Indecision, Witchcraft, Wiles, Compromise, Magic, Principalities, Rationalization, Ouija Boards, Powers,Loss of Memory, Levitation, Rulers or Darkness, Spiritual Wickedness, Fiery Darts, Mockery,False Gospel, Cursing, Affliction, Sore Boils, Lust of Uncleanness, Presumptuous, Self-Willed, Corruption, Spots and Blemishes, Deceiving, Adultery, Covetousness, Madness, Vanity, Lust of Flesh,Wantonness, Pollutions, Unrighteousness, Filthy Dreamers, Murmurers, Complainers, Sensual, Dumb, Lunatic, Anger, Wrath, Divers Diseases, Murder, Plague, Dead Works,Lieth with his sister, Lieth with his mother-in-law, Lieth with his father's wife, Maketh graven or molten image, Smiteth his neighbor secretly, Lieth with any manner of beast, Removeth his neighbor's landmark, Setteth light by father or mother Taketh reward to slay an innocent person, Maketh the blind to wander out of the way, Confirmeth not all the words of this law to do them,Perverteth the judgment of the stranger, fatherless and widow,
I now command all controlling spirits to come out of the human being as follows:
Soul: Mind - Will - Emotions
Conscious - Subconscious - Unconscious
Body: Physical - Brain - Sexual Organs
I now command all special demons to manifest and come out or leave as your name is called:
Wer Beasts: Vampires - Werewolves - Zombies, Manifestations: Changelings - Incubi/Succubi - Dopple Gangers, Objects: Familiar Objects - Fetish, Talisman and Amulets - Marks - Hagstones - , Biofeedback, Curses: Spells - Incantations - Hexes - Vexes,
I now command all demons associated with the above practices to come out as well as the following demonic families:
Son of Satan - Mind Control - Death - Occult - Magic - Witchcraft - Drugs - Child Abuse - Fornication - Demonic Healing - Eastern Religions - Demonic Inheritance - Demonic Games - Rock Music - Voodoo - Familiar and Guiding Spirits - Forces and Powers
Resentment, Unforgiveness, Occult sins and practices, Demonic subjection to authority,Psychic powers or bondages of physical or mental illness, Evil curses, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, jinxes, bewitchment, witchcraft and sorcery, Every dark spirit, evil influence,Pride, haughty look, lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift to running to mischief, false witness and he that soweth discord among the brethren, Unbelief and doubt, care, worry, anxiety,
Evil soul ties
All fetters, bonds, ties and bands, whether they be by word or deed, Fragmented mind, will and emotions, Retardation, insanity and senility, madness, Mind control and prince of mind occult, Sins of blood ancestors, Cults, Eastern religions and false religions, Mind altering medicines such as Valium, Librium, Serax, Phenobarbital, sleeping pills, etc., Early retirement, defeat, giving up easily, automatic failure mechanism, Forgetfulness, vows, confusion, envy, jealousy, gossip, compromise, cravings, addictions, Sickness, poverty, oppression, Smoking, nicotine, craving of smoke, Adultery, harlotry, fornication, lewd sex, sexual exploits, Acting, deceit, role playing, fantasy, Depression, imaginations, daydreaming, intellectual idolatry, infirmity, Blindness, astonishment of heart, Anger, hate, low I.Q., fear of failure, aging, anti-Christ, fear of man, divorce, self-centeredness, ego, nervous habits, fatigue, religion without Christ, suicide, Diabetes, kidney stones, cancer, hepatitis, arthritis, kidney infection, All fears and phobias,Self-gratification and selfish pleasure, surfeiting Derangement, dumb, crazy,Worship of objects or persons, Incantations and psychic prayers, Trauma of accidents, fire, shock, etc.,No incentive, victim of chance, mental acceptance of mediocrity and low man on scale
Forbidden Practices in Bible
Enchantments, Witchcraft, Soothsaying, Magic, Sorcery, Divination, Wizardry, Necromancy, Charming, Observer of Times, Astrology, Idolatry, Sacrificed to Devils, Worship of Devils, Star Gazers, False Prophets, Rod Became a Serpent, Wise Men, Chaldeans, Curious Arts, Graven Images, Pass Thru the Fire, Dreamer, Doctrines of Devils, Unfruitful Works of Darkness, Heeding Seducing Spirits, Ate Sacrifices of the Dead, Sold Themselves to do Evil,
Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Crystal Ball, Cards, Tea Leaves,Handwriting Analysis, Ouija Boards, Telepathy, Kabala, Horoscope, Voodoo, Pendulums, Astrology, Fortune Telling, Star Gaz
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