PREFACE - This short lesson is on some comments about how to have successful DELIVERANCE. The DELIVERANCE Manual goes into detail about how to do DELIVERANCE. We suggest that you study the manual and look up the Scriptures that are referred to therein. You will have a good education in DELIVERANCE after you have finished that study.
Observation of those we have ministered to over the years shows us certain keys to successful DELIVERANCE. If the DELIVERANCE works and is lasting, then the chances are that it was done properly. If not, then you need to keep searching for the right method. Usually, either the person is not disciplining their life or you have used the wrong method of DELIVERANCE.
Every demon within a person has a legal right before God to be there. Satan is a legalist and knows his rights before God to send demons into a person. Learn to think of satan as a lawyer demanding his rights before God. Learn to think of JESUS CHRIST as an advocate, a lawyer, defending our rights before God.
If we take away their legal rights before God to be in a human body, then we can cast them out relatively easily. This method takes away much of the violence that is exhibited when the demons have a right to remain. We had violence and strong manifestations before God taught us this lesson. We would have to hold people on the floor to keep them from hurting themselves and others. We have even had the demons tell us that they would like to leave but they couldn't because the person had unforgiveness, they were cursed or for some other reason. Once a demon told us that he was held in by a curse.
Earline and I are small of stature, we don't want our house torn up, and we have no desire to fight physically with demons. We have had faith in God to protect us as we have tried to help others, some of whom had violent histories. God has honored that request and our faith. He has sent angels to protect us and once we knew that an angel had held a young man to keep him from hurting us.
The following are some general categories of demon's legal rights that you need to remove before you start casting out: soul ties, false religions, occult activities, cursed objects, sins of ancestors and curses. You need to deal with any sin that has been committed that may have opened the door for demons to come in especially unforgiveness. God taught us that unforgiveness is the most important part of DELIVERANCE.
LAKE HAMILTON BIBLE CAMP - This camp was founded on the vision given to Glen and Erma Miller by God. It was a vision of a DELIVERANCE camp to set the captives free. The Camp practices DELIVERANCE and teaches about the Kingdom of God. Mass and individual DELIVERANCE is practiced in the men's and women's meetings, and in the main DELIVERANCE meetings. As mass DELIVERANCE is proceeding, workers move around and help drive the demons out. Between the meetings, people are worked with for varying periods of time in individual DELIVERANCE.
Different types of DELIVERANCE are individual, small group and large group. Mass DELIVERANCE is simply DELIVERANCE for anyone who can hear the speaker's voice; it can be two people or hundreds of thousands of people. The most successful is the individual DELIVERANCE. It is also the most time consuming but the most fruitful. DELIVERANCE is not a cure-all but will allow the person to do things they couldn't do before and to follow God if they are sincere.
HOME MINISTRY - On Sundays, we either go to church, minister in a church, minister in our home or prepare lessons to teach about DELIVERANCE. We have ministered in our home to a wide range of people through the years. The following is the general pattern that we follow. It takes about three to eight hours a session. We see excellent results but it depends on the person disciplining their life after DELIVERANCE.
1. Earline opens the meeting in prayer.
2. We have fellowship for a short period of time.
3. We spend one to three hours getting to know the person and their problems.
4. I write down the person's history and sins.
5. We counsel and teach the person as it is needed.
6. We take a break for refreshments.
7. We take the person through a prayer where they pray about their sins and
the sins of their ancestors. We break Biblical curses and soul ties,
renounce occult and false religions, loose Godly Spirits, destroy or
exorcise cursed objects, and make positive confessions in CHRIST.
8. We use one or more form prayers for DELIVERANCE.
9. We cast out the demons in the Name of JESUS. We read DELIVERANCE Scripture.
10. We pray for healing as necessary.
11. We counsel the person how to remain delivered.
12. We are led by the Holy Spirit, and we use the years of experience and training that God has given us.
1. Identify your problems.
2. Forgive, pray and get yourself right with God.
3. Break the curses and soul ties on you and your descendants.
4. Cast out your demons.
5. Pray for healing of your soul and body.
6. Discipline your life by changing your way of thinking and acting.
These six steps would also apply to any person that you are ministering to.
It is easy to cast out demons but hard to discipline your life. The key to your remaining free is to discipline your mind and actions.
SUMMARY - Practice systematic DELIVERANCE: basic then advanced then special - both mass and individual. Work on one or more areas of a person's life at a time. You can not cast out all of the demons at one time; Christians are very demonized!
Pray DELIVERANCE prayers - break Biblical curses and soul ties - renounce occult and false religions - loose Godly Spirits - destroy or exorcise cursed objects - make positive confessions in CHRIST - read DELIVERANCE Scripture.
If the demons do not leave, find out what their legal right is and remove it. Ask God what it is, force the demon to tell you and/or ask the person what sin they or their ancestors committed to get them in that trouble.