Note: This lesson may be used by parents to dedicate their children to the Lord. You only have to replace the names of my family with the names of your family and speak from your heart.
1. Prayer: Nathan would you start the dedication with prayer?
2. Story of Samuel: Samuel 1 - Hannah gave Samuel to the Lord. Nathan and Marie, are you willing to give Nat to the Lord and let God choose his path in life?
3. Story of Jesus: Luke 2:21-52 - the parents dedicate Jesus to the Lord. Nathan and Marie, are you willing to dedicate Nat to the Lord according to the Holy Bible?
4. God / Parents / Child Relationship: It is most important to establish the right perspective between the parties to this solemn covenant: God and the parents. The child is being dedicated to the Lord with the parents desire and consent. The parents are vowing to raise the child in the Lord which is even more important than dedicating the child to the Lord. Almighty God will bless this family according to how they keep their vows and follow the Word of God.
5. Comments by the Grandparents: Gene: I never thought that I would have a grandchild. Nat is a real blessing to me. My prayer for Nathan and Marie is that they would follow the Lord and all of the precepts of the Bible. They have an opportunity to raise an unusual child by following what they know about the Bible. I love Nathan, Marie and Nat. Earline would you comment likewise? Henry and Patricia Levy, will you comment about Nathan, Marie and Nat?
6. Comments and Prayers by Nathan and Marie: Nathan and Marie would you tell the congregation what is in your heart?
7. Vows by Parents: Numbers 30:1-2 " 6-16 - Nathan, do you allow Marie to make these vows? Ecclesiastes 5:4-6 - Nathan, do you understand the seriousness of making a vow? Do you intend to keep these vows?
8. Presentation of Henry Nathan Levy, IV: Luke 2:22,23,28,38 " 40 - Henry Nathan Levy, III and Iva Marie Moody Levy, place your arms around each other and the baby. Repeat after me: I vow to raise this child according to the Holy Word of God. "I do hereby dedicate Henry Nathan Levy, IV to the Lord Jesus Christ to do with according to His Perfect Plan Of Life. I praise and thank God for this child. I pray that the child will be strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and grace, and that he will have favor with God and man. I ask these desires of my heart in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Master and my Savior, Amen.