1. Be led by the Holy Spirit and search your home and possessions for cursed objects; then destroy the objects.
2. You can't destroy someone else's possessions. So, anoint with oil and exorcise the object.
3. Follow the "Five Steps to Cleaning House".
4. If you know of demonic prayers against your family, break the curses.
5. There is more power in the spoken word.
6. Read Scripture for "Cleaning Your House" out loud in your home during the exorcism.
General - If you have a cursed object, you become cursed by God! Remove all cursed objects from your being and from your home; destroy by breaking, burning or at least throw them in the trash can. Do not keep the cursed silver or gold of the object. If the cursed object belongs to someone else and you can not throw it away, then anoint with oil and cast the demons out of it. Anoint your house with oil and cast out evil spirits from your house and possessions.
To Exorcise Inanimate Objects (Excerpts) - In the case of objects dedicated to demons (idols, artifacts, etc.), the best course of action is to destroy them. However, it is well to check secondhand cars, homes and apartments also because if the former owners had Ouija boards, or other occult paraphernalia, or were involved in serious bondage to sin, then there is every reason to suspect that evil spirits could be lingering behind. These spirits can and will cause trouble to the new owners.
Keep in mind that any prayers offered to anyone or anything other than God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit constitute prayers and/or worship to demons. Very often these are answered in the form of curses, for demons can and do respond to those who request of them.
We suggest that two believers go on a mission such as this with Bible in hand. These should be destroyed: Look for little Mexican sun gods, idols, incense, Buddha's, hand carved objects from Africa or the Orient, Ouija boards, anything connected with astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling, and so on. Books or objects associated with witchcraft, good luck charms, or the cult religions (metaphysics, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.). Rock and roll records and tapes all fall in the category of things which have been often loaded with evil spiritual power.
Verbally denounce Satan and his power, and all of his demon hosts and claim authority as a believer-priest because of the name of Jesus Christ and the authority of His shed Blood.
In some cases the door lintel and window sills have been anointed by touching them with olive oil. Other things such as statues have been so anointed in Jesus name and many times the demonic power is checked or destroyed. Any specific areas of demonic activity or influence of which you are aware should be denounced by name (Prov. 3:33).
Five Steps To Cleaning Your House
1. Seven-way prayer of forgiveness - you forgive your ancestors, descendants and others; ask God to forgive and bless them. Ask God to forgive you; you forgive yourself for sins against your body. Ask forgiveness for spiritual adultery.
2. Break curses and soul ties from others (ancestors) and to others (descendants); break curses of psychic or Catholic prayers.
3. Clean out house of those objects or exorcise objects (you do this).
4. Anoint house with oil and cast evil spirits out of house (you do this).
5. Cast demons out of people that came in thru curses (optional); for mass deliverance, see Cursed Objects and Demon Infestation.
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