PREFACE - God is sovereign and can do anything. However, He will not violate the Holy Bible.
We will never reach the state of life where we do not make any mistakes in judgment or commit any sins, and do have perfect knowledge like God. To be perfect you must completely follow the whole Bible and be like JESUS CHRIST continually.
I have heard sermon after sermon that said all you have to do is pray or do some other part of our Christian duty. I have heard many sermons that someday God is going to do great things so that it will be easy to do great miracles.
We live in the nasty now and now. The only thing that counts is what will work. I want to see results, not hear theories about what God will do in the future.
Many times we work with pastors, DELIVERANCE workers and those who have been subjected to DELIVERANCE. As we work with these people in personal DELIVERANCE, we find that they have many demons.
Our desire is to see people really helped. I am an engineer, not a preacher. I am trained to see practical results and to be efficient. There is no place in my life for spiritual fantasy.
These are my comments after eleven years of intensive experience of working countless hours with thousands of people. DELIVERANCE is a continuous learning experience and will be until we die. No one ever arrives in God's Kingdom. Much time has been spent in prayer, meditation, study, research, fasting, and association with others who write and minister DELIVERANCE.
LEARN ABOUT THE REAL ENEMY - There is one Satan - one individual not omniscient, omnipresent or omnipotent like God.
There are millions of fallen angels. Rev. 5:11 calculates at least 101,000,000 total angels. Rev. 12:4 calculates at least 33,700,000 fallen angels.
There are billions of demons. We only work with Christians and find that they have many demons. If the world has billions of people and Christians have many demons, then there must be many billions of demons.
Demons probably come from a Pre-Adamic Race but there is no scriptural reference that can be found to prove this statement.
Satan is in charge (Chief of Staff). The fallen angels are his officers. The demons are his foot soldiers.
We cast about 10,000 demons out of one man over a nine-month period. The demons freely talked, and gave us information about their rank and number. One demon said that a person could have tens of thousands of demons. This is probably someone that has worshiped Satan.
ON WITH THE BATTLE - We will be in a battle with Satan and his evil forces until we die. He never quits and we should never quit. Satan counts on us being quitters; we must persist!
The battle becomes more fierce as we are used more by God. However, the victories become greater and more pleasing to us and God.
Satan came to steal, kill and destroy; he works hard at his job. He will take everything from you that you will let him have.
Christians want to have their needs met quickly and easily. God simply does not work this way. You have to persist over a long period of time to restore your life. If it took you years to get into the spiritual and physical mess that you are in, why would you expect God to restore you overnight?
Christians expect God to be like a fast-food restaurant and to dish the food out on a silver platter. God cut a Covenant with you. He will always do His part but He will not do your part of the covenant.
Satan is a good Devil and works twenty-four hours a day at his job of destroying you. We need to be as good at being Christians as Satan is good at being evil.
You must learn what your condition is: mentally, physically, spiritually and materially. You must learn why you got into that condition so that you will not repeat the same mistakes.
There is no cure-all in the Bible. You must use all the provisions of the Bible to lead a balanced life. There are no shortcuts to a successful Christian life.
God realizes that the human race is lazy. We want what God has for us without having to put out much effort. That is why God requires us to work at being Christians.
The casting out of demons will not work by itself. It must be combined with teaching about DELIVERANCE and with the disciplining of your life. You must learn to change the way you think and act.
There is a curse against Christians who will not fight God's battles (I Kings 20:35-42 and Jer. 48:10).
Probably the greatest hindrances in the lives of Christians are unforgiveness, rejection, bitterness and rebellion.
Christians will never conquer the world for God in their present condition without DELIVERANCE. The church is in a pitiful state.
We have ministered to Christians with problems for over eleven years. It has shown us that the average Christian is very demonized. The amazing thing is how a person can even function with so many demons.
You must clean your house of cursed objects. You must do the things necessary to live a victorious Christian life: have a working knowledge of the Bible and put that knowledge into practice.
OVERALL VIEW OF DELIVERANCE - The best way to view DELIVERANCE is to look at what JESUS CHRIST did and said in the Bible. It is estimated that he spent a fourth to a third of his time teaching and ministering DELIVERANCE. If He thought it was that important, then we should too!
DELIVERANCE consists of about three equal parts: teaching, casting out and counseling. There are many good books on DELIVERANCE and the there is much in the Bible on this subject. The people need mass, group and individual DELIVERANCE. Finally, they need counseling so that they can discipline their minds and bodies.
Satan fights DELIVERANCE more than any other area of the Christian life. This is the last battleground to complete victory. When you get saved, you become a Foot Soldier. When you receive the Baptism, you become a Marine and are sent to the front line. When you enter into DELIVERANCE, you become a Paratrooper and are parachuted behind the Gates of Hell for all-out spiritual warfare.
DELIVERANCE is the most controversial area of the Christian life. Christians generally either do not get involved or only get involved slightly. Because of this, there are weaknesses in the ministry of DELIVERANCE.
The biggest weakness is trying to cover DELIVERANCE by just casting out demons without proper teaching or counseling. Here, many Christians only go after the surface demons and do not go after the root causes of why the person got into those problems in the first place.
The second biggest weakness is not walking out the DELIVERANCE. After the demons are cast out, a person must change their ways of thinking and acting or they will let the demons come back into them. A person needs extensive counseling to help them do this and they must decide to change their lives.
The third biggest weakness is the lack of teaching on DELIVERANCE. There is a large body of knowledge about DELIVERANCE but you hear little practical teaching come from the pulpit.
DELIVERANCE will not be completely successful unless there is a balance in the church and in the congregation of teaching, ministry and counseling. We have seen partial failures because people relied on just casting out demons, not disciplining their lives or not studying DELIVERANCE.
We have never seen a Christian that was not helped in some measure by DELIVERANCE. The measure of success is mainly dependent upon the person receiving DELIVERANCE. They must be persistent and consistent. They must set their face like flint to walk out their DELIVERANCE over an extended period of time!