Help with a Ghost and a Haunting


Ecclesiastes 12:7
“Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

King James Version (KJV)

This Scripture clearly states when you die , your spirit immediately returns to the Lord! You may not decide to stay here for any reason. Then the Lord will decide if you go to Heaven or Hell!
So! Who are the spirits that haunt your land home ? They are demons that appear as humans . Why do they do this? Because they appear something FAMILIAR to your, which is a human so you will become curious and talk to them.

This is why the Bible says in Deuteronomy 18:9-12 not to communicate with them or use anything such as an ouija board or tarot cards or anyone else (psychic or medium) who does communicate with them.

Psychics or mediums make it seem like they are sending spirits into "the light" or help them "crossover", but in reality the ghosts or spirits(demons) appear to ascend to heaven. The evil spirits deceive  you by disappearing and remains in your home. They want you to believe its over, but it is not over!

Study the Bible at home  You do not have to go to a church building because Jesus did not tell you to do that. 

SAY THIS NOW AND EVERYDAY UNTIL YOU LEARN WHAT TO DO ABOUT A HAUNTING: Father in the Name of Jesus Christ help me with this Haunting, please send Giant Warrior Angels to protect me , my family and to help me fight these spirits. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cover my family , my self, this house and land with the Blood of Jesus Christ. I bind you and command you to stay away in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Do not under any circumstances talk to the spirits or the angels or allow anyone else to do so. Do not use candles or pray to anyone other than to the Father in Jesus Name and do not use a Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, call a psychic or medium or a paranormal investigator.

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