Hurricane Katrina came through here on August 29, 2005. We were without power for five days and five hours. We never used candles, but had regular batteries for the radio, and rechargeable batteries that kept their charge for night lighting. Warnings on the news was NOT to use candles because of possible fires.
Elsewhere on our website, we talk about objects in your home that can be "hosts" for demons. Candles can also be a "host".
A former African witchdoctor who practiced witchcraft for over twenty years said that demons are attracted to the substance candles are made out of. Candles were a part of his witchcraft. It does not matter what color, shape, or smell they have. When lit, the smell of the candle also calls on another big time demon. Is it a wonder why the candle business is in the Billions of dollars a year! No wonder too that so many churches have candles all over the place.
Get rid of all your candles. You may just be getting rid of some of your problems. This also pertains to incense.
For those Bible researchers who read that "candles" were mentioned in the Bible, look in your Strong's concordance. The Original term is "lamp" "oil" or "oil lamp", NOT "candle". The menorah tradition goes back to 165 B.C. They did not use candles, but used oil.
After you get rid of the candles, command all the demons to leave you and your property, in the name of Jesus, JUST IN CASE.
What if the lights go out, you say? Use a flashlight!
Still want candles? Look at to see rechargeable battery operated candle lites. The lamp burns for six hours on a single charge.

Looking at it on the basis of your health, this article was in the August 2000 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine under Health Update:
"Are your candles making you sick?
You love the warm glow and calming scents of your favorite candles. But you probably won't be as enamored of the prospect that these same candles may be emitting lead particles into your home.
"The last thing people would imagine is that candles can be little lead smelters," says Sidney Wolfe, the director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group in Washington D.C.
The group examined 285 candles from twelve different stores in the D.C. area. Eighty-six had metal wicks, and laboratory tests found that nine had wicks containing high amounts of lead.
The group says burning a lead-wicked candle for three hours can cause lead levels in the air to be nine to 33 times higher than federal safety standards. Airborne lead can be inhaled or it can settle on surfaces, where it can be ingested.
Wolfe urges people to check their candles for metal wicks. You can tell by looking straight down at the wick to see if there is a metal tip in the center. Not all metal wicks contain lead, but to be on the safe side, don't burn any candles with metal wicks.
Lead poisoning may damage the central nervous system and cause abnormal development and behavior and learning problems in children."

The following is part of an article that was in THE CLARION-LEDGER from Jackson, Mississippi on December 20, 1998.
Wax facts - Retail sales of candles are fast approaching $2 Billion annually in the United States, a 15 percent increase since the early 1990's. Candle sales during the holidays is 35 percent, and 65 percent during non-holidays.
Each of the nation's 50 major candle manufacturers can make 1,000 to 2,000 different varieties of candles, encompassing different colors, shapes, sizes or scents, according to the National Candle Association. And these days, it's the smell that sells.
They even have candles that smell like food - chocolate, honeydew, grapefruit, fig.

The following is part of an article that was in THE CLARION-LEDGER from Jackson, Mississippi on December 29, 1997.
The National Candle Association reports sales of candles up 25 percent in the past five years. In 1997, more than 4 billion candles will be sold in the United States. "Candles have become a huge trend," says a local store owner. "People are going nuts over them -- every size, shape and scent you can think of." "We have 300 or 400 candles fly out of here every day," says another store owner. "People want the big ones, the little ones, the tall ones, the tall skinny ones, the short skinny ones, candles that burn a certain color, candles that give off a certain, it's serious business."
Candles have been around a long time -- they were used in Egypt and Crete as early at 3000 B.C., and by the 13th century candles were being manufactured by craftsmen. But just recently have candles become big business. They have candle parties just like Tupperware parties. "I was amazed and surprised by the volume sold (with only about a dozen people at the party). Some people spent more than $100."
One woman says, "There's just so many things you can do with candles. You can decorate. You can actually use them to take you back to your childhood, to recapture a smell of something, maybe a gardenia. Or you can use them just to relax. I'll burn candles everywhere, and it's extremely relaxing to me."
"In the last four or five years, we've seen steady growth in the industry. I think a big part of it is decorative, simply because you can change the whole look of a room simply by adding candles. But I think another part of it is something called aromatherapy, which a lot of people are getting into." Aromatherapy contends that scent can enhance a person's mood.
"No doubt it works. For instance, a lavender candle is anti-stress. I've had people tell me that they'd had trouble sleeping, then burned a lavender candle just before going to bed. They said they slept like a baby."
And, there are dozens of other candle specialties. Some are dripless and smokeless. "This is a big deal for weddings and things like that." Some are odor eaters. "They contain chlorophyl, and it eliminates the smell of smoke, pets and food." Some serve as a decongestant. "We have one that's called a eucalyptus. A lot of parents buy them to put in the room of a child who has asthma or a cold. The effect is amazing, really."
And the good thing about candles is that you can spend what you want -- from less than $1 to hundreds of dollars. "We got some candles in a couple of weeks ago that sold for between $80 and $100. They were gone in no time. They were a 5-by-12, natural-color candle with some sculptures of grapes on them. They were really unusual, and usually those sell pretty quickly."

If you have severe stomach pains or a stomach virus, break the power of the curse of burning incense. You may have been around someone burning incense or someone may have been burning incense on your behalf.