Prior to knowing anything about DELIVERANCE, someone told us they had a demon living in their home. They could see the demon. They did have knowledge of "binding", so they merely bound the demon in JESUS' name. I have never heard how long a demon can stay bound, but this person said the demon was "frozen" in their doorway of the kitchen for about six months. It was then the person found out they had the authority to make the demons leave using the name of Jesus. It did.
It is as simple as saying, In the name of Jesus, I bind up all the demons in - me - other people, places or things. Then cast them OUT, in the name of Jesus.
If someone comes to you for Deliverance, before you even get started, their demons could jump up and knock you across the room. THIS is why you BIND the demons first, for protection.

I don't think anyone can explain exactly HOW this happens, but if someone put you in handcuffs, you could still walk. Even though BOUND, they can still leave.
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