Hauntings: Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself Author Helena Vl Garilano

Everyone has demons inside their home
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"Victory over addictions - Tobacco - Alcohol - Drugs - Caffeine drinks -- The good news is followers and disciples of the Lord JESUS Christ can secure total and complete victory over addictions. For the Christ-follower the testimony is not, "I'm a recovering addict" but rather JESUS CHRIST HAS SET ME ABSOLUTELY FREE OF ADDICTIONS! Total victory over addiction can be seen as having four aspects: Your own will, Counseling and DELIVERANCE for your soul and Physical Reinforcement. Aspect #1. Your Own Will... You personally must make a serious commitment to be free. It takes setting your determination to follow through to the Lord's victory. "Slaves who love their chains can never be free". Develop a desire to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He personalizes a program for your specific and unique needs. God will enhance YOUR WILL to do HIS WILL. God will not violate your will if you do not desire His will for you. Aspects #2 and #3. DELIVERANCE for your soul...DELIVERANCE itself has two aspects: A. Replacing wrong thoughts and error in your mind with truths from God's word (Holy Scripture). This usually involves some counseling with a God Called pastor or competent Christian worker. B. When our thinking is in agreement with God's Word we are ready for DELIVERANCE FROM UNCLEAN SPIRITS in the soul area. Usually DELIVERANCE from addictive bondage involves three levels of depth, the stronger spirits usually found at the deeper levels. Here are some examples of demon spirits usually associated with addictions. For complete freedom these unclean spirits must be CAST OUT. Level 1 spirits could be identified as physical or surface spirits such as spirits carrying names of: nicotine, caffeine, tobacco, beer, whiskey, marijuana, cocaine, etc. Symptom spirits to be cast out also are level 1 spirits: habit, headache, confusion, drunkard, high, hangover, flashback, etc. These level 1 spirits are usually associated with and cast out from the physical body and specific organs of the physical body. Level 2 and 3 spirits reside and hide in the soul (YOUR MIND, WILL AND EMOTIONS). Spirits of lust, pride, anger, unforgiveness, hate, depression, anxiety, compulsion, fear, worry, guilt, shame, etc. are addiction causing spirits in the surface of the soul. Deeper, more potent "strongmen" demon-spirits must be rooted out of the recesses of the soul. These level 3 spirits could include rejection, rebellion, ancestral curses, deep hurt, witchcraft, etc. The DELIVERANCE of JESUS Christ from these unclean spirits is absolutely essential for total freedom from addiction. If the spirits remain it is highly probable they will pull us back into the addiction. Our DELIVERANCE( Cast out demons from yourself) from unclean spirits should be seen as a process over time. DELIVERANCE (cast out demons from yourself) is usually accomplished in a series of sessions. DELIVERANCE should be ministered by competent Christian workers under proven mature spiritual supervision. Aspect #4 Physical reinforcement...To best bring about total victory over addictions, we need reinforcement for our physical body.